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Jun 21, 2022
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Being (likely) over-careful about these chinese motors... what do you guys torque things on your bike down to? Do you use a torque wrench or just feel it out? I'm a big guy and have the ability to but some serious foot/pounds in to the wrench... which means I have a knack for over-tightening things.

Maybe y'all can give your opinions on these things... I'll put what I've done and see just how "off" I am...

Head bolts: 12 foot/pounds
Axle bolts: I torque them down pretty damn good... but still not nearly my maximum. I am afraid my maximum torque would simply torque off the damn bolts. I've actually broken a friggin VW rim bolt torquing it down... not fun. I'd love to know a good "official" torque to aim for.
Exhaust bolts: Using the smallest driver I have I really do not put a bunch of torque in to these. I'm afraid of breaking off the stud... no good.
Mounting bolts: These are what I'd love to know what people torque their down to. My brother really cranks on his... but I gotta admit, I'm so damn nervous of breaking off a stud I probably don't crank mine down enough. Is there an 'official' torque I can aim for?
Misc bolts: Rim brake bolts... I crank mine down pretty hard. Still not my max (nothing gets my max on the bike, actually). How about disc brake bolts (I don't have `em yet, but soon)... etc... etc..

Did I miss anything? Sometimes it's a pain in the ass being a rather large guy... I tend to be "all thumbs" when it comes to more exact things. Any/all help would be greatly appreciated.
There are cheap torque wrenches you can get they have a bar that moves though they don't click like the expensive ones so they aren't as accurate but they get you ball park at least
...but is there a chart for Chinese manufacturered blocks... THAT is the most concerning... pulling the posts from the block...
Looking at some charts... it seems that Metric uses CLASS not GRADE. Now how in the hell do we have Grade 8 hardware in metric sizes or am I reading things incorrectly?

...though I see some referencing Grade 8.8 for metric sizes...

EDIT: Hell, at the top there it shows Grade 10.9 (i assume Class 10.9) = Grade 8.

So logicial... not.
Tell me if I am right here... it looks like M8... which is what my mounting bolts are... at class 10.9... come in at 26 ft/lbs... or 24 ft/lbs... depending on if they are fine threads or not. I 'think' they are standard pitch... right? So 24 ft/lbs... but then why is the head coming in at 12 ft/lbs when those rods are also M8... right?

EDIT: Hell, those are LUBRACATED numbers... seems 10.9 comes in at 35 fine and 32 standard with non lube...