All done with my BTR replica...

Discussion in 'Antique Motorized Bicycles' started by iDood, Oct 17, 2010.

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    Very nice looking build, just a couple observations.
    Does the seat rub the rear fender ? It kinda looks like it is only supported by the seat post? Good job on welding the chain tensioner, I do that myself and it is nice.

    Only thing that would make this build better looking would be a better designed muffler vs the stock one you have on.

    But any way ya cut it, this is a nice looking MB
  3. iDood

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    No...I fabricated a bracket for the back end. You can see it in this picture (before I painted everything)...


    I thought about it, but I am OK with that one for now...

  4. iDood

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    And's another shot after I modified the bracket to accommodate the fender...

  5. hurricane

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    Oh thx for that close up of your seat,Ive been trying to come up with something that will extend my seat back like this.Very good idea that i will be able to use myself,and yea in the first pic the seat bracket blended in so well i could not see it at all.

    one other question, with your obvious welding skills why did you not just weld the tank to the bike for a more permanent look ?
  6. RedBaronX

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    aww... you made that for ME? ;) as a GIFT? ;) AWWWW!

    but seriously... it's awesome. The faux oil pump thing is just that, faux? I'm going through your blog because in your forum pictures you said it was a fan clutch... so I wondered if it did anything as a clutch...
  7. iDood

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    I want the ability to take the tank off anytime I want. And for authenticity (to a certain extent anyway) I wanted it to look like the original board track racers from the turn of the century (many of the tanks were mounted in a similar manner).
  8. iDood

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    No no...just a faux oil pump to make it look more authentic (as much as possible). I'll probably run a copper line from it to the engine in some manner...but it's not high on the priority list...Riding it is :) The grin factor is awesome!
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    I like your board tracker. I expect to see components that are more functional and hastily constructed on them. I expect some rough finish work and components that look a bit out of place on boardies.
  10. professor

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    Fantastic job! You sure got the LOOK down.
  11. Chris Crew

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    wow . . .nice
  12. Sgt. Howard

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    I am currently drowning in drool....
  13. motorpsycho

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    that's a super cool bike! I applaud you for going outside the box and doing a bike that has killer looks and some attitude!
    i really like the look, and you do excellent work...nice, clean and uncluttered.
    best of all, it's different than the typical mountain bikes that you see all over the place.
    Very nice job!!!
    it's so nice to see a motorized bike without the kit supplied gas tank for a change.
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  14. what kind of fork is that and where can i get one?
  15. iDood

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    So I have not been here in a first let me say thank you for all of the kind words. Very nice. Much appreciated. @porsche930dude, I apologize for not seeing your question...but the answer, 2 years later is... Monark. There is a new version...better springs and welded better. I beefed up the welding on mine prior to installing it…and have since upgraded the springs.

    I ride the bike a lot, and have replaced lots of parts on the cheap little 2-stroke motor. It's time to put a better motor in it.

    I am not necessarily looking for faster...I just want to put a 4-stroke motor in it. I would also like to put a suicide shifter on it (perfect world)…and that's the part that makes me think finding a motor at a junkyard might be the way to go...but before I start the quest…

    Is there a 4-stroke kit out there that actually looks like a motorcycle engine? I realize it might not have a shifter...but that's more of a want than a need. If there was 4-stroke motor kit, I might just go with that instead of trying to find an old thumper in the 200--350 cc range. Though I did have my eye on an liter V-twin...then I thought better of it :)

    Any help or insight you have would be greatly appreciated. And yes, yes I am going to search through here now...and yes, yes I should have done that first...but with my ADD, I might have forgotten to come back here and ask...

    Thanks, guys.