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Please vote for your favourite 4-stroke build

  1. 1947 Whizzer H series by "chainmaker"

    8 vote(s)
  2. Green Cruiser by "tom-fishing"

    2 vote(s)
  3. Felt Cruiser by "cdavid67"

    4 vote(s)
  4. 2012 Giant Simple Single by "Max-M"

    3 vote(s)
  5. Blue Vintage Huasheng by "MotoMagz"

    4 vote(s)
  6. 1914 Huffington by "Josh Moon"

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  1. Anton

    Anton Administrator Staff Member

    Please vote for your favourite bike in the EZM 2012 In Frame, 4-Stroke, Build-Off!

    Voting is open to anyone who is a member of the forum. We encourage everyone to vote for their favourite build!

  2. chainmaker

    chainmaker Member

    Here was My entry, I have since sold the bike but it was completed before the contest deadline.

    The details
    1950 Schwinn Panther Frame
    1947 Whizzer H series
    Monark repops
    Husky relaced w/ 12 ga Shimano coaster in rear , Sturmey Archer 90mm in front
    Sportsman Boardie seat
    Quick Brick blackwalls
  3. tom-fishing

    tom-fishing Member

    Start and Finish

    100_0276.jpg 100_0278.jpg 100_0356.jpg 100_0343.jpg

    The last photo shows my grocery haulers.:smile:
  4. cdavid67

    cdavid67 New Member

    Here is my Felt Cruiser with some pictures of the build added to show the SBP shift kit:
    2012-08-19_15-39-38_70.jpg 2012-08-19_15-39-50_759.jpg 2012-08-19_15-39-58_814.jpg 2012-08-19_15-40-30_171.jpg 2012-09-01_16-13-47_547_1.jpg 2012-09-01_16-14-52_36_1.jpg 2012-09-01_16-16-12_357_1.jpg 2012-09-01_16-16-26_185_1.jpg 2012-09-01_16-16-40_981_1.jpg
  5. Max-M

    Max-M Member

    4-stroke build-off, cruiser entry

    My entry is built on a 2012 Giant "Simple Single" aluminum-frame cruiser, purchased new in October 2011 for this build: 49cc Hua Sheng 142F engine, EZM Q-Matic drive, Felt "Abraham Linkage" springer forks, Sturmey-Archer X-FD 70mm drum brake.

    Also: Triumph/BSA vintage replica "jackhammer" throttle/grips, "real motorcycle" cruiser-style mirror and front brake lever, old-timey black and alloy "quill" pedals, custom-made spring-loaded chain tensioner, custom-made expanded metal mesh transmission cover, dual center kickstand, non-restrictive stainless steel flextube exhaust, custom vinyl logotype lettering, five coats of professional two-part clearcoat on gas tank, upgraded Sick Bike Parts fuelcock and in-line sintered bronze fuel filter, novolac epoxy gas tank liner (resists ethanol rusting), Bontrager wireless bike computer, GPS handlebar mount, Aheadset® adjustable headset (to allow adjustment of handlebar height).

    Not pictured, but installed after photos were taken: cast iron, balanced final pulley in the Q-Matic drive, acquired from EZ Motorbikes; CNC-machined aluminum 56-tooth final sprocket.

    This bike will exceed 35 MPH, but that's about as fast as I ride it!

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  6. MotoMagz

    MotoMagz Member

    My Vintage entry....

    Thanx Chain and Mike. here are the details:
    Roadmaster frame
    Custom tank w/aluminum cap
    Suzuki forks
    12 guage 2.125 rims 2.75 tires
    sturmey 5spd internal rear drum hub
    sturmey front 90 drum hub
    4 stroke huasheng with custom airfilter and velocity stack
    Shift kit SBP
    4G 4to1 10 tooth non freewheel
    Grubee long pipe cut off end and a new drilled out baffle wrapped
    Nos Schwinn pedals
    1/2 link chains
    Taped grips SBP throttle
    Suzuki brake levers with HD barrels and wires
    Gyles leather seat
    Custome P7 led inside of vintage headlight & taillight
    Smooth and fast as a HS can go!!!!!

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  7. Josh Moon

    Josh Moon Member

    I call her my 1914 Huffington, started life out as a dreaded cranbrook. I made a set of leafspring forks, the laid back seat post is stainless, Shorty pipe that I made out of old handle bars then nickle plated, also if you look closely at the pully, that is a one off solid aluminum bearing delete I made to get rid of the broken oneway bearing. I also made a custom manifold so I could run a CNS v2 carb on my motor lol. Ill post some more pics in a bit today, gotta take some more.

    DSCF1226.jpg 54825_10152230325310551_1482801040_o.jpg
  8. Arlene1991

    Arlene1991 New Member

    Chainmaker's Whizzer entry above is a very nice bike. And it's now leading in the contest poll. But this is just a single picture of a completed build. And of the eleven rules in Quenton Guenther's instructions for contest entrants, number three is:

    "3. Must document start of build with pictures."

    Is that rule going to be broken?
  9. MotorbikeMike

    MotorbikeMike Member

    You-all have done a whole bunch of hard work here! And to think that my Electra Cruiser 1 (base bike) still sits outside in the rain for the 3rd year!
    I had hoped to get started on it today, but, had to work with customers. If all is in order here, lets get some winners, and get the trophies out to their new homes!
    I appreciate everyone's hard work, and NO, I did not vote, BUT I did want too!
  10. Max-M

    Max-M Member

    Sounds good, Mike. Let's wrap this thing up.

    One question: Will the judging adhere to Quenton's list of contest rules? In particular, I'm thinking of rule number 3: Must document start of build with pictures.

    I'm looking forward to seeing this contest concluded!

  11. chainmaker

    chainmaker Member

    That's pretty funny, made coffee come out my nose.
  12. Max-M

    Max-M Member

    Chainmaker: I'm happy to provide you with that caffeinated nasal d**che! No charge...

    PS: Only three of the six entries adhere to the contest rules (photo-documentation of the start of the build, etc).
  13. chainmaker

    chainmaker Member

    The thing that is so funny is I didn't think anyone even cared about this anymore,it was a build off for fun- some friendly competition between fellow forum members. If you want to pull up the "Official Rules" it doesn't say anything about build start being documented in that thread- just photo documentation, it also originally says bikes must be completed by July 5 a was yours. Once the deadline was moved it was to get more people involved therefore really canceling the validity of a build off. If you are the guy that needs a piece of etched glass to tell you you built a good bike- sorry. I built my bike to ride and entered at the suggestion of Quenton, knowing that these friendly competitions end up a mess. There is always someone unhappy about the outcome and has to be a wad. I don't need a trophy to tell me who won best bike, without a doubt MotoMagz hands down! More work, better details, just a much better bike all the way around.
  14. Max-M

    Max-M Member

    Kind of a cavalier attitude you're sporting there, chainmaker. Yes, it was a build-off for fun. But it's also an officially sanctioned, bona fide contest with formal awards. And I don't know what rules you're reading, but Quenton's rule number three clearly states: Must document start of build with pictures. I guess that provides some evidence that you didn't just acquire the completed MB from somebody else.

    I'm not "the guy that needs a piece of etched glass to tell [me that I] built a good bike." I can just as easily say that about you, but I really don't care what anybody's intentions are in entering this contest.

    Your Whizzer is a stunning, standout MB. And I agree with you that motomagz has a great bike. My personal favorite of the bunch, hands down, is cdavid67's black beauty of a build.


  15. MotoMagz

    MotoMagz Member

    I'm sure if you were to look in the other thread(s) you will find everyones builds.Maybe not?I know mine is there before this one was started.It is over in my book nobody from EZM is stepping up to just say it is over so I stepped out along time ago.This has been going on for way to long.I know Q 's wife was ill but there are others who could of wrapped this up by now.Everyone did a great job.It is too bAd that Stanford the old moderator ruined this site I was always here and never wanted to just visit:sweatdrop:
  16. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    If all the entries will send pictures of their bike I will have the awards produced. I am going to award all 5 listed as winners!

    Sorry the contest wasn't run as planned [my wife's cancer changed my free time], however I wish to thank everyone for entering.

    We will do this again, except I will make sure I have time to do it correctly.

    Once again, Thanks for the great effort from everyone.

    Just send best picture to:

    And I will have the bike picture on the award.

    Have fun,
  17. Max-M

    Max-M Member

    I sent the following note to Quenton when I emailed my bike photo to him, and I thought it would be appropriate to share it here...

    Dear Quenton,

    Let me say that I think your just-announced way of resolving the latest build-off contest is very classy and gentlemanly. I'm proud to be one of "the five."

    I call my bike the "Pistone-Pedali" (pis-TONE-ay ped-alley):

    "pistone" = Italian singular for "piston"
    "pedali" = Italian for "pedals"

    A current photo of my bike is attached.

    Many thanks for your great support in the few years I've been in this hobby (support on the phone, and in emails; and in the forums). Your Q-Matic is a great product; bullet-proof and reliable.

    And, I hope your wife is doing well.

    Best regards,


    PS: I finally installed the cast-iron, balanced secondary pulley that I bought from you a while back, and it's provided a nice improvement in low end pull, overall smoothness, and top end. Can't beat that!

  18. MotoMagz

    MotoMagz Member

    Nicely done Q...thanx
    I think your suppose to send him a photo of the bike you entered???.
  19. Max-M

    Max-M Member

  20. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor


    First let me thank everyone for the outstanding effort invested in each motorbike. The bikes are outstanding!

    As some are aware, I had to give up on the "Build-Off" due to serious family health issues. When the contest started I contracted and paid the throphy company for the awards.

    Some of the entries asked that I donate the award money to Cancer research instead of purchasing the awards , I did both.

    Here are pictures of the awards for the 2012 "Build-Off" and please note all 6 of the final entries are Winners.

    PLEASE send me a mailing address for each entry, and I will send awards ASAP.

    6 WINNERS:
    Josh Moon

    Sorry it took so long, however family medical issues forced me to turn the contest over to others [Thanks to everyone who helped].

    Once again, PLEASE send mailing address for each winner! To:

    Have fun,
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