All in a day's "work"



it was mentioned in my gallery about how i get-er-done when it comes to my i figured i'd share what the last 24hrs was like for me.

at the swap-meet, i had been given a new set of bars and a headlight i hoped i could get working off the white wire.

after rif dropped me off, i changed out the bars, then attacked the lighting challenge. i pedaled that thing all night trying this and that before i had success.

also, yesterday while riding with uncle_punk13 i was bummed out to see how much faster his was than mine. even when factoring in that me and bike outweigh him and his by about 75lbs, i was pretty sure i recalled better performance in the past.

a closer look today showed me the jug-gasket had turned to mush, pretty much like the intake gasket had already done.

tear it down, noticing the chain is on it's last leg, luckily i had the original HD chain ready to go....walk to store for more permatex 2A, the budget gearhead's best friend. plain black-fiber gasket (i cut a pretty rough-looking gasket, but i make sure the important parts are covered) goop it up with permatex, that outta get me through til i can afford a nice set of gaskets.

the bad baby popped on the first attempt and it's running great again.

it's like getting a whole new bike when i have these little adventures!! this one only had me out of pocket $3...

man, i love these things 8)


Way to go Augi. Permatex is old skool but still works great and nothing else smells like it. When I was a kid I had a engineer neighbor that taught me to always use permatex on every gasket except exhaust and head gasket applications. He said that when the gasket inevitably failed, the permatex would keep doing the job.