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  1. isldtime

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    I've read alot,got a donor bike and a 2 stroke China engine so lets see if it all soaked in.
    The 1st hurdle I ran into was when I found out the front fork on the builder mountain bike was recalled due to fork fractures in the middle 90's!!
    Contacted the mfg. and now waiting for a new updated front end at no charge.
    I enjoy light fabrication and design so this is great!
    Thanks to everyone's input.
    A big help to us noobs.

  2. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. Was the recalled fork a RoxShox? I think I remember that one.
  3. isldtime

    isldtime New Member

    No, the fork is a "Posi Track" from Pacific Cycles. Do a search and see how many brands they own. Top Notch customer support.
    Built the motor mounts (frame tubes are slightly oversized), re-painted the engine and put the 44T sprocket on today..
    I'm enjoying this..