all the sudden throttle won't acclerate bike

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by anthony3, Oct 5, 2008.

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    80cc engine had been running fine for months and then all the sudden I couldn't accelerate at all. the engine starts fine, but no acceleration. The spark plug was caked with grease, so I changed it. It now accelerates, but will only get up to 15mph (no faster than I can pedal). I used to be able to get a top speed of 25-30. I took the carb apart and it looked clean. Noticed some oil near the muffler gasket, but the gasket looked ok and the muffler was clear. the engine sounds like it slows down when the throttle is fully open and at the top speed of 15mph. Any ideas on what is wrong and how I can improve speed and power back to how it was before? thanks

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    I would also change the spark plug wire if you haven't already.
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    the choke has to be all the way off or I go even slower or stall. How do you check for air leaks? there has been an issue with a small fuel leak where the fuel line connects to the carburator, even with a zip tie.
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    for these important spots of connection
    screw type hose clamps recommended over zip tie

    ride that thing MM
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    a small zip tie is the only thing skinny enough to go around the back end- there is very little room
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    as far as the bike not accelerating, I removed the muffler and found a loose piece of metal had broken off internally that may have been moving around and blocking the exhaust outlet. I was able to pull out the loose piece and clamped down the fuel lines to prevent leaks and the bike is now back to normal.
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    Well there you go!! Very cool.....:grin: