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    I was going to simply submit this vendor to the review thread but I have not reached that status yet. Here is the Brand Name Vendor They sell the SD Stinger motor. Clearly another happy time and for all I know not a bit of difference from these others.

    Flying Horse:
    Or those sold by vendors such as MotoVelo or Rocksolid who claim to have somewhat improved versions.

    Roller bearings over bushings is the standard feature that ones attention is drawn to, but Motovelo has a video that points out their crank and smoother casting as well. Stinger mentions a 6 volt output that you can tap for lights
    and the dished sprockets which motovelo also points out, both these companies point out their levers are metal, alloy.

    There is a video on you tube.

    where he reviews his own experience with a generic chinese motor, a stinger and a grubee.

    His Stinger does not make it to 500 miles, and the Grubee he never gets to run. I dont know what factors are most important in the early failure of these engines, but I suspect improper break in methods or over taching when one does not get several thousand miles out of one.

    At any rate I am just trying to find out what this forum has to say about the various motors. I am going to go check out the review thread that deals with vendors and I hope I learn about their products, but I have never heard this stinger motor mentioned. They claim to have been around the longest. If I recall it was something like 40 years.