Tires All White 26x2.125 tires



I am looking for all white (not whitewall) "balloon" street tires in the size 26x2.125.

I have seen Schwalbe tires at $77.00+ and Coker at...gulp...over $140. However, months ago, I saw some on eBay for closer to $40- but I cannot find them now.

Anyone know where I can look? Ivory or cream may work as well.

The Coker white tires won't fit on modern bicycle rims at all, I emailed them and asked. They are all made for vintage sizes of rims, and whatever we're using for 26" now isn't vintage enough I guess.

The ones at Nashbar are Kendas but nobody else seems to have them now, I've seen them at one other lowrider site for $80 each.....

Felt bicycles has some cream ones but they're dealer-only sales, no online ordering.
If I remember correctly (big if)- bicycle rims are measured on the diameter of the rim and the "standard" sized tire- or at least what the standard tire was when the sizing was started. I believe with a 26" bike, it would be about a 2" wide tire. In other words, 26" refers to the height from the ground to the top of the tire.

I believe motorcycles size rims on the basis of the actual size of the rime so that a rim sized at 26" would be 26" without tire- meaning it is a bit larger than a bicycle 26" rim which is 26" including the tire.
Houghmade, I believe the biggest differences with the old and new 26"'s tires, are the beads. Some have a just tuck and others have the metal band bead.
Not for sure but you might want to check.
Well, on my "little" project- I have standard cruiser bicycle rims and I found standard bicycle tires- so I should be OK.

I know there is an issue with the beads- you are right.
The Kenda tires are only rated for 40 PSI, they are a rather thin carcass and not made real well.

It is a bummer nobody else is making all-whites. Cheng Shin has a black button-tread, I wanted to ask them about making some "retro" colors (white, cream and brick) but the website is in Chinese, I can't make much sense of it.

The Schwalbe Fat Franks look nice in gumwall, ya just gotta sand off the dang stuff they print on the sides.