All you Tanaka fans out there

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    i like unclepunk13's writing also.
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    I have one of these a friend sold me for a couple of bucks last summer. Spent a couple of fall months trying to get it to run. Installed new fuel lines, rebuilt fuel pump, fuel filter, air filter, condensor, cleaned carb, adjusted and cleaned points, finally had it running on my bench late last year. Ran fuel dry, stored for winter, but I just put it on the bike this week, ran for 1/2 hour spark. I had that problem before adjusting points last year. I double checked, sanded, and adjusted the points again. I think maybe could be the coil or spark plug wire. I think I've licked the fuel issues, just can't get a handle on the intermittent electrical problem. I'm getting frustrated. I had one these in the 80's. It was a sweet ride.
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    I can photocopy the service manual for you for the cost of the copy's and postage; no profit, just the cost. I usually am able to offer this for free, and gladly, but recently I was laid off so I cannot cover the cost right now.
    P.M. me if you are interested...
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    I have seen points that looked like new,,, but were not any good. Try another set & even another condenser, even though those might be new.
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    Thanks for the offer, but I already have the service manual.