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    Hi my name is Fongore (not really) and I'm a motoredbikaholic. But in all seriousness I'm from the smallest state with the longest name and live in the town called Portsmouth. I've probably been a viewer of this site for well over 7 months. The reason I never joined before was cause I never had a motoredbike...until now. Well almost. Uncle Sam gave me back some of the money he was holding onto for me, so after paying a few bills I have enough to pursue a motoredbike. Engines already on its way from California (ironic sense a lot of places say you can't get em shipped there) and the bike itself will be next. I'd like to thank Tom for making this website for all of us to come to. And I'd like to thank everyone else for the wealth of knowledge they've put into this site. All of it has been greatly helpful in all the choices I'm making. I'm sure you'll see me around (I've got plenty of questions) and I hope to see you all around. Until we meet again.

    -Fongore (B) Guibergu

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    Welcome aboard. There's always room for one more.
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    Hey Fongore (not really)..ENO (Down Under)..Welcome to MBc..So Uncle Sam bought you a new bike out of your money eh?... Sounds like your research will be your best tool in getting the build finished, and with all the responses we get when ask for help the finished product doesnt have many glitches or gremlins that come when we try to problem solve on our own..Welcome again ENO
  4. Fongore_Guibergu

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    Thank you both for the welcome.
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    You'll love it here.
    It's like Hotel Califonia.
    "You can never leave"