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    I've almost got my bike running! I got a 49cc 2-stroke gasoline engine (not sure who makes it, but its not like the whizzer clones that I see on this forum a lot). It has an electric start and I've yet to put on the drive train and fuel tank. I had to custom make my mount, and I learned how to weld to do that(you can see my first welds I've ever done on the mount itself :) I decided to put it together when I decided it'd be cheaper than getting a nice scooter or driving my t-bird back and forth between school and home. Heres what I have done so far, hope you guys like it!

    Sean Sage

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    looks good so far
    do you know anything about the engine?
    we might be able to help :D
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    Well here's about all the information on it I have figured out:

    -Its 49cc
    -EPA Certified
    -Used on the XG499 GoPed

    Whenever I find the engine on shopping sites it simply says:
    "EPA Certified 49cc 2-Stroke Gas Engine"

    If anyone has any info about these engines, how well they run, known problems, etc.. I'd be glad to hear it. Also, Anyone know where to get a 6-8" jackshaft and a set of pillowblocks?

  4. Check out DAX's site. His Titan carrier may be just the ticket.
    The bike rack mount is a bit scary. It may throw your chain some.
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    Thanks a lot for your help. I won't be able to put it all together till the end of summer. It will be a blast to ride when I get back. I'm going home for the summer and my bike unfortunately has to stay in Arizona :( When I get it all put together I'll put more pictures up, maybe even a video or two. I want to put a shifter on it, so I have a low for climbing hills, and a high for better gas mileage on flat ground. Anyone try that and have any good results?

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    Sorry, I have no answers for the questions you asked.

    but it looks to me like you're going to have a fine machine. Good luck.
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    Good work. Hope you have fun with it. I like the exhaust too.