Almost done

A pexmor 48cc kit on a 94 Trek 820 frame with a 21" center tube. Bought the dual brake lever at the bike shop and the mirror on amazon. The rest of the parts have been generously donated by walmart bikes that have been parked for years in my family's garage. I need a new cdi as the one that came with the kit reads OL when trying to test the capacitor (multimeter has a capacitance measure mode) and I get no spark. Magneto and coil works because it read 3.3 VAC (turned by hand) Waiting on my next paycheck to get the correct derailleur and a new cdi. I'm not happy with the chain tension. The stock tensioner doesn't seat the chain properly due to the angle of the chain stays. The chain is as short as it can be with whole length links, its a pin width too short with one less link. The grubee spring tensioner would be enough with a half link but for now I have both on. I replaced the stock fuel line with 3/16 fuel line from autozone. They were out of stock on right size hose clamps so that needs to be rectified. I need to bend the exhaust pipe so it doesn't hit the road on a steep hill.


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Jul 23, 2020
Alamogordo, NM, USA
I have noticed for 12 years now here in the desert with people that I know that have been here all their live or for many years now cover up no matter how hot it is...Just about all of them used to strip down to trainer shorts and sandles with very thin short sleeve shirts...Almost everyone of them have some form of melanoma skin cancer now, and to go along with it...

They also no longer ask me why I always wear my UV blocking dark shades and brimmed hat or visor helmut along with the UV face shield on the helmut along with my shades, Thats because their eye doctors are telling them why they should, almost all of them have had to have corrective eye surgery of one sort or the other due to intense sunlight out here that the natives seem to be oblivious to just how bright it really is without dark UV

There are more reasons to cover up than just bleeding from a fall or road rash.