Almost finished! (yeah right!)

I've seen some awesome builds on here. I thought I might share the one I've been working on for the past year. It's a custom BMX designed around a chrome Haro frame I got from a friend. Things started out modest. I got a BMX with a busted crank, and a few good parts on it and started playing around with a few things. I got a nice 'lil roller going.

Then I started waking up and having the sweats and jitters. I wasn't eating. I stopped sleeping all together.....I became a chrome-a-holic. Aside from the current wheels and sweet rare aluminum headset, most of the parts are chrome. It just looks freakin' sweet. Then I got a Bumble Bee Bolt-on engine for it. Epic sweetness. People see me riding this thing in the summer and look at me like my head fell off or something.

Awesome bike, but I got more crazy ideas like, let's put a 1000 watt Magic Pie III motor on the front, and have the 28cc gas engine on the rear.....AND USE THEM BOTH AT THE SAME TIME!!! Total hipster insanity right there. So as I am soooooo impatiently waiting for the 20" wheel to be restocked (in like 2 days), and waiting for the damn snow to melt, I'll give you dudes and dudettes some insight on what I did to this thing and what's next.


- New sealed 3 pc. crank roller bearings (sooo sweeeet)
- Upgraded the black Haro 150mm crank arms to chrome 175mm
- Upgraded a 36T Haro chainring to and old school 44T chrome w/ custom colour spider
- New titanium chainring bolts
- Supercycle chrome pegs from Canadian Tire (C'mon, they were half price, geez)
- New KMC nickel plate chain
- ODI Grips
- Added an old-school chrome front caliper brake (try to find a steel one, I dare you)
- Changed crummy pedals to Wellgo pedals, painted black
- Tumbled all the hardware in a rock tumbler and polished/painted
- Made $20 dice valve caps from dice I got in the dollar store (budget pimpin')
- Changed the front threadless Haro fork and bars for old-school 1" threaded chrome (very unique bars)
- Overhauled and repacked the Gyro with grease

To be done (Hurry up eBay!):

- Magic Pie III 20" front wheel w/ thumb throttle and 48 volt/10aH battery
- Seat post rack to mount battery (Better damn-well be chrome)
- New chrome 400mm seat post
- KMC 1/2 x 1/8 stainless steel chain
- Chrome horn (Those old-school ones that sound like a bunch of geese are coming)
- Kool Stop front/rear brake pads
- AVID SD Ti brake levers (right for brake, left for gas throttle)
- New Odyssey Gyro G3 w/ cables
- Polished aluminum Wellgo pedals
- 20" Double wall chrome rear wheel (hard to find these days)
- AVID CNC brake hanger
- Tioga Bear Trap 2 headset (chrome of course)
- Mr. Tuffy tire liners front/rear
- Front and rear lighting (gotta be legal!)
- Mod the engine mount (again) for better pedal clearance
- Plush leopard-print fabric to make a seat cover (No, I'm not joking)
- Bunch of other little things I can't remember

When I finally get this beast to where I want it, I'll post up some newer pics so you can all hail me as supreme champion of the hipster BMX universe....hahaha, just kidding. Behold the evolution!