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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by blacklabel7345, Dec 8, 2007.

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  1. Im jsut waiting for fedex to drop the package off at my houce. I got a build ahead of me tonite and by midnite im hoping to annoy the neibors. Would it be OK for me to use STIHL 2 stroke oil to mix? What should i put in the crankcase for oil? It should be here any minute now because its on the truck from a depot about 40 miles away!!! YEAH!!!!

  2. Bean Oil

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    Wow! That's cool! I know how you feel; you must be giddy with anticipation...

    Remember, though, to take your time. These kits may require a little fussing to get installed well where things just don't fall off in the first 5 miles.

    You can use the Stihl oil, it should be a good-quality oil. I use between 5 - 5.5 oz. of oil in one gallon, for the one-gallon break-in. Then, use between 4 - 4.25 oz per gallon after that. Use 87 or 89 octane; there's no need for any higher octane, usually, as these are 7:1 comperssion or something like that.
    Follow the kit's recommendations, however, if there are any. LOL.

    Take your time, and most of all have fun with the build. I took a couple of weeks' worth of afternoons to do mine! but I tweaked a few things. See the Picture Gallery forum.

    Here's to a successful build, sir!

  3. thank you for the support, dont worry about me. I build lots of things, anf it does not take me a long time to make them. I put together a 406ci small block overnight with a buddy of myne over a few beers. 30k miles, 10mpg, and still pushing 450HP no problem
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    It's not that I didn't know your mechanical background, sir, it's just that assembling a hipo pushrod V8 is easy (got micrometers, a ring compresser, assembly lube, a good torque wrench and some hand tools?) compared to dealing with the AMAZING engineering of the Chinese 2-stroke bicycle engine kits. ROFL!

    I have no doubt about that, my good man. I merely suggested what I did so that your build would be a permanent one.
    The best to you!

  5. lol i know i sounded a were right. Its a **** of alot easyer to put a V8 together rather than build one of those kits. The fact that neather of my bikes fit the kit sux. Im gona go to my friends and pick up another doner jsut for the purpose.
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    Have fun with your build black label!:cool:
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    enjoy the build...
    and the ride even more :D