Almost ready for teardown and paint

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  1. redpiper777

    redpiper777 Member

    Hers the last couple pics before I tear it all apart and paint her up !

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  2. biken stins

    biken stins Member

    That is nice.
    Are the brass pieces stock ?
    Looking forward to seeing it painted.
  3. redpiper777

    redpiper777 Member

    Thanks for the compliement...The only Brass on the bike is the custom tank I made...Other than that the few parts that look brass sprocket, fork spring, etc are just gold toned chrome...
  4. Simon_A

    Simon_A Member

    Love the tank, I have a general question, I have seen those seats for sale and wondered if they are comfortable?
  5. redpiper777

    redpiper777 Member

    Thanks. The seat seams to be OK but its a bit stiff yet as it is new...I havent put mile 1 on the bike yet so only time will tell...The biggest problem I has was that I had to send the seat back twice to get one that wasnt so out of wack...By that I mean that the leather and rivets were all out of line...The seat was cheap and spooky tooth was good about getting a good seat to me but even this one is not perfect...Im not a maniac about stuff like that but I still dont like the way the leather sits on the frame...If I ever build another bike I am going to pay the $130 plus for a brooks saddle...