Almost through with my 2 gallons of ~16:1...what now?

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    DJEEPER Member

    I have been breaking in my engine for the past week now... I have a shifter kit, so i am not over-revving the motor like those with the single 44t sprocket.

    I feel more power every time i ride, but i feel i am not seeing the full potential. When i mixed my fuel the first time, i over-did the oil mix, so i KNOW i am running really oily.

    What would you all recommend i do next? Step up to 20:1 then to 25:1 then to 30:1?

    or should i just take the leap?

    What is your recommendation for a very efficient, powerful yet still lubricating mixture?



  2. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    that's where I would go now
    you are going to be hearing all kinds of THINGS
    hold on tight

    as we ride those things
  3. kiwirider

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    Well, I might just be a few weeks ahead of you, but only just. I started with 16:1 and then went to 20:1 after 2 gallons. I rode like that for half a tank and thought I would try a few mixes. Because I have a small tank I put through 32:1 and 25:1 in a few hours. I am now running 25:1 because it gave my ride good power and also at the 25 and 20:1 mixes the engine sounded quieter to me. The engine still ran really great on 32:1 but I was happy that it ran well at 25:1 as its no doubt better for the life of the engine. I also think that every engine is different and air leaks, oil type, engine maker all make a difference to the final mix that is going to give you the best power and life. Try some!
  4. spad4me

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    How hot is it where you live?
    How long do you stop at a red light?

    I am running in a 120 degree environment with signs and lights with . RED LIGHT CAMERAS.
    For me a quality 80 percent Synthetic 20 percent Castor AIR cooled oil mixed at NO less than 25 to one is a life saver for the engine.
    I am not even running a happytime any more. I put it away to try something new a 460 with a cvt and a freewheel setup.

    A lot less work more chain breakage LOL.
  5. danlandberg

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    I have been riding mine for about 3 months now and started at 16:1 first gal. Then went to 20:1 second gal. Now I run 25:1. (8oz/gal. 1st, 6.4oz/gal. 2nd, and now 5.12oz/gal.) I got these mixtures from . (I had to change the needle setting in the carb because I am at 5500 ft above sea level.) It runs fair most of the time depending on weather conditions. I have hit 40mph on a good day, but the last couple of days only hitting 23mph But have not sized it up, YET. (I think it's the weather) Just try 25:1 You should be safe.

    DJEEPER Member

    Right now on 16:1 (maybe even more like 13:1 because i over did the oil a little by smokes ALOT) i am able to do 33mph in 3rd gear. The biggest thing im working on right now is getting a 7 speed rear wheel (in the mail tomorrow) so that the jump between the gear shifts isnt so massive. the 1st gear i have now will be like 2nd gear on this next wheel, and the 6th gear will be like the 3rd on the wheel i have now.
  7. Just_Gasit

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    I started at 25:1 and planning to go with 32:1 next time I fill my 2 gallon jug. The original paperwork packed in my kit said to use 40:1 and nothing about break in.

    As for altitude, Im at 4500 ft and soldering up the main and redilling to a #74 bit was perfect. Also running needle clip all the way up (lean) and all the midrange could still be leaner. I get fairly consistant 2-stroking at WOT. I did also add the very small bowl to slide hole for a better idle circuit, it worked well. These carbs leave alot to be desired but function okay once they are in the ball park.

    DJEEPER Member

    Well, in order to step up to the 32:1 i have mixed up 25:1 and added it to the 1/16th of a tank of 14:1 that i had before (guesstimating since i over-oiled it mixture the first time...)

    Also installed a 7 speed internal rear wheel...should be a nice improvement all around.
  9. Mountainman

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    much said regarding mixture

    much said regarding mixture
    but if you keep it right about there

    the thing should run for a long dong time

    with the key word being (((should))) ??

    ride that thing with much good luck
  10. kiwirider

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    no such thing as luck in this world. In fact, you should MAKE your own LUCK.

    25:1 is a lucky number if you are a Chinese 2 stroke engine.. a bigger number will keep green trending westerners feeling good, but not your engine.....
  11. danlandberg

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    To much oil is better than not enough (except on the plug & muffler)

    DJEEPER Member

    i mixed it all up today... i have less smoke than before, and my 7 speed is doing well (not perfect...need to adjust the internal shifter linkage a little)

    It almost feels like it doesnt have the umpf it had before.... maybe its just having an off day...or maybe my tires need a little more air as they have been sitting.
  13. danlandberg

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    What are you mixed at now? I know these thing have good and bad days!!!!

    DJEEPER Member

    I put 5 oz in a gallon of fuel. so 25:1

    I went through my engine and tightened the head down (havent done it yet) and got about a 1/4 turn out of them before i started wincing in fear. I also replaced my exhaust gasket, as i used RTV before when i cracked the old one. I now have a 3mm thick composite gasket. I also drilled some holes in the air cleaner and chopped off the spouts on the bottom of it for better air flow. I didnt mess with the filter though.

    I just feel like this motor has more in it than what i felt today. Maybe i am not finding the powerband like i think i should.

    Does this thing produce more power up high in the RPM's or low? I almost feel it pull better when it is revving lower.

    Also, today i noticed it 4 stroking a little more than usual. I cleaned the spark plug and closed the gap a hair to see if that would help.

    Any input?

    DJEEPER Member

    oh yeah, running much better today! Seems if i keep the RPM's lower, it is happier and has more power...
  16. danlandberg

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    Are you using prem or reg fuel? I started with prem fuel at 16:1. It was a 4 stroker at mid to high rpm, ran fairly good at low rpm after I changed needle setting. It started to run a lot better after break in. (now I run 25:1) But having trouble at high rpm's, barely hitting 21 mph. (I have hit over 40 on a good day) When I forget to tun the fuel valve on it starts to run at a better (higher) rpm just before it starves for fuel. Going to change needle setting again (one more notch, less fuel moore air) I'll see what happens. I did not fallow the break in rules, 1/4 throttle first tank, 1/2 throttle 2nd tank and so on. I did fallow the mixture rule, but I ride WOT!!! It might be time for a new engine (differant brand this time). This might give me a chance to see how these cina made motors are configured.(from the inside out)!! I hope you have good luck with yours!!!
  17. danlandberg

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    Does any one have a sight with oil to fuel mixtures? The one I use is for marine engines. And are they accurate?
  18. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    best clear cup with markings

    if it's like what I think it is -- darn good

    see through cup kind of a thing with all the mixture marks ??

    if not best found are at motor cycle shops that carry 2-cycle dirt bikes

    not the kind my cousin bought at Kragans -- syringe type -- sloppy !!!!

  19. danlandberg

    danlandberg Member

    The sight I used was Don't really now what the problem is with my RAW 80cc yet. Hope it's not a mixture mis calculation.(it might be dead from my abuse) Not sure yet, It's my only transportation at the moment, so I can't disable it until I get my unemployment check. But I do want to do an autopsy to under stand the dynamics of this configuration (I build air cooled vw & porche engine in my sleep) only rebuilt one 2stroke in my life (71 Yamaha 125cc enduro, I was 17) that was a long time ago! (1976) Any suggestions ?
  20. danlandberg

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    PS. MM; I did not answer correctly, I do use a cup, not a syringe. I am not sleeping well, no job,(Crashed at 32mph on a dirt road, Got discharged fro my job.) new baby (boy) and my transportation has slowed down. A little to much to think about all at one time!