Almost wiped out because of something stupid

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    I've been riding my MB to work even though it's getting really cold. I have a ski mask that I wear because it's been in the low 20's and 30's in the mornings here. Well yesterday when I left work it was warmer and I decided not to wear my mask so I just placed it on my bike rack. It has one of those spring loaded pieces on there so I stuck it under there thinking it would be fine. I get about 1/2 mile down the road and my rear wheel locks up and I slide about 20-30 ft before stopping. At first I was thinking that my motor had locked up because of the stories I had read on here, but my motor only has about 500mi on it. I get off and take a look to see that my ski mask has gotten caught in the chain and jammed in the motor sprocket locking up the rear wheel. :eek:o2ps:

    I don't know how I didn't see this coming. I know that my bike rack is really close to my rear wheel and I'm usually careful about stuff hanging loose on it. Thankfully I just skidded in a straight line and I was also on the part of the highway where there is a shoulder to ride on or this could have been a dangerous accident. I know was going 23mph when it happened because I had just passed a police radar. I'm just glad the only bad things from this are a shredded ski mask and a bald spot on my tire. It actually almost rubbed all the way through the tire. Looks like that will have to be replaced.

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    well - jmccrury

    as we can tell from the way in which you told us the story of this incident
    thank God you are ok -- as we think about what could have happened to you
    yes -- a lesson that we all should not get CAUGHT UP IN - but - when least expected
    not keeping focus -- it happens sometimes -- causing us to be grateful and more careful

    when I owned my bicycle shop many years ago
    I saw many of these (THINGS from the rear rack loose) go into spokes
    usually just tears up the bicycle a little
    but -- at times brings much injury

    I will leave all with this true story from So Cal a few years back
    not exactly what happened to you -- but -- now after this event
    I think you will relate

    young Lady on the back of a Harley with a very long pony tail (hair)
    she was a passenger laying way back on the rear of the bike
    pony tail went into the sproket and chain
    broke her neck -- she was dead in a flash

    be careful as we ride those THINGS
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    Glad it all worked out without injury.

    Keeping cargo out of the wheels is one of the important difficulties. And we all know that, of course, but then comes a time when we don't think much about it and.......
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    Wow, a lock up at high speed, that's never nice on a bicycle. Good thing you didn't get hurt, and you stayed up on your wheels!!!!! I don't trust those speed signs on a bicycle, there's a good chance you were going faster than 23mph. :shock: Try a cheap $15.00 bike computer from Walmart to be sure!

    I had a scary thing happen to me a few weeks ago, because I worked way too many hours to have the time to replace my worn out parts, and just kept riding it anyway to get to work...............

    My trailer axle broke and I lost a wheel (bearings wore right through it) and I was going 32mph when the trailer hit the dirt road, and I had to come to a quick stop in a grass ditch. ONLY thing on my mind when it broke, was staying up on 2 wheels until I stopped. One of my trailer wheels passed me in the road as I was grinding to a stop, and I had to take a while to go find it. LOL
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    I was gonna say, please post pictures of ski mask. And tire.

    Good thing you won't need to post any bloody body part pictures. Like a skin flap stapled on your head. :40:

    :worthless: :jester:
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    blessed to still be able to ride that THING

    been to that exact place
    dirt bike off road
    very painful as the doctor pulled much forhead skin back into place
    some skin gone forever
    begged the doctor to put me under
    with a head injury -- they can't put one out
    still carry some large scars

    blessed to still be able to ride that THING