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    Hey everybody, I'm Martin from Hilo, Hawaii. Just finished my second motorbike. The green cruiser in my pic was the first build and this is my current build that just got completed yesterday and rides like a charm. I really am surprised at the power of these little motors. I am 250+ lbs, on a good day, and this thing takes me up hills and all around town with ease.
    I do have one question right now. Has anyone tried a comparison between the single and dual Boost Bottle setups? Any difference? Is it worth it? Trying out the single bottle right now and seems to work fine but as I am still breaking in my motor I haven't been able to check the top end yet.
    Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics.

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    Hi and welcome :) 2 real nice bikes. :cool:

    As to the boost bottle setup; there's still debate as to weither they work at all. I have a single bottle and it seems to smooth out the way it runs. Some say it's snake oil. All I know is the manufacturers have put them on their motocross motors. I had a '84 Suzuki RM 250 that has a Roost Boost on it when I bought a Sprint Superkart. That thing made power:ee2k:
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    Thanks, it was definitely worth the effort. Love riding these things around town. Yah, I've installed a boost bottle on the black bike prior to completing the build and it seems to be more powerful than the last bike I built, but apparently at the time I purchased that first motor kit the upgraded carb was not even built for that motor. I got one of those red cover carbs now with the Boost bottle and I barely peddle going up hills anymore and I am still on my first tank of gas so not even at full power yet either.
    I was thinking about the dual setup for a Super Rat motor on a Specialized Rockhopper as my next build. We'll see tho, just busy enjoying the bike I have now.