Aloha from Kaneohe!!

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    Aloha folks, Posting for the first time. Been reading almost everything on here for a few years now and got tons of info. Thanks to everyone for that. As you all know, without all the pointers we would all waste alot of time ourselves. I've made alot of these bikes for me and friends and it's one of the best hobbies I've found over the years. Keep posting all your good ideas as we all have similar issues and troubles. Thanks again and Aloha!!

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  2. PatrickW

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    Welcome to MBc...effoner. nice to have you here. btw, what wheels and tires did you use? They kook good and husky. Did you have to get them laced between special rims and hubs?
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    Hey Patrick, the wheels are weinmann dh-39, t6 aluminum double walled. They're made for 2.35 - 3.0 tires however i have 1.95s on them. I think the smaller tires on the wide wheels make the tires look alot stronger. Kinda lower in profile too. They don't like to run low on air tho, which makes them a stiff ride. The spokes and hubs were all assembled already and they were a great buy at $120 for the pair. BTW, if i ever move back to the mainland, it'll be somewhere near Captiva or Sanibel island. Luv it down there. Aloha!!
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