Aloha. New member here.

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  1. Island Schwinng

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    My friends and I have mounted motors to about 14 bikes. We cruise around Kailua where my buddy Tim has a shop. We turn alot of heads, for sure, as there are very few of these here.
    Great fun these things.

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  2. Hawaii_Ed

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    I have heard rumors of some guys riding around Kailua, mainly at night/eves. Must be you all! I am Ewa side, 5-7 Heaven is in Aiea. Welcome! Sounds like you know what you are doing with these bikes!

  3. Island Schwinng

    Island Schwinng New Member

    Hey, Ed, glad to meet you

    I'm not very swift with computers so I'll have a friend help me put together an album later and show some of our rigs. We had a nice cruise on the Old Pali Highway last month (Kailua side). I highly recommend it and I'll let you know the next time we go there. Great scenery.
    I'm very interested in upgrading to a china girl that shifts. 50 mph??? Wow!
    My bike is cheaply built and I'd have to choose a sturdier bike before I'd try that. The welds on my Schwinn don't inspire a great deal of confidence.
  4. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Bikes Motor Prohibited On Bike Lane

    That's funny. You parked next to the bike lane sign.:jester:

    I used to pass two of those signs when I rode the bikepaths.

    I met Tim at Eki Cyclery in town. Where's his shop located? Hawaii Ed and I are riding around the island soon. We can drop in and chat in Kailua.