howziit everyone, :cool:

i'm glad i found your friendly, informative forum for motorized bikes. my name is Myron, and i'm a motorized bike addict!

my wife and i work for the state,in the same building, across the hall from each other. we share the same work schedule, so we carpool to town, a 10-mile round trip. she works overtime almost daily, so i sit around for 1-2 hours on a regular basis,waiting for her. since the bus ride home would take an hour and entail 2 transfers, it made sense to:
1.try walking home dice, took 1.75 hours, my feet hurt and i was pooped.(i'm 60 years old.) a pink girls' cruiser bike, so no manly thief would steal/ride it.

3.electrify the bike, so i wouldn't sweat while biking to work. the bike was FAST, 23mph on 72 volts, 50(fifty!) miles-plus on a charge. alas, i live on a 2nd floor walk-up apartment, and the logistics of carrying a 135-pound bicycle upstairs proved overwhelming and tiresome.(i need to buy a house, but my wife likes our townhouse.)

4.convert the girl's bike to gas engine and park in the lot,with a cover. so i bought 3(three!) 80cc engines. of course, the engines wouldn't fit the RALEIGH cruiser(as i suspected).

5.go hunting for a men's bike. unsure if i want to buy another $400 RALEIGH/SCHWINN cruiser from a bike shop again. i'll probably choose between a free mountain bike or a $180SCHWINN comfort bike.(no coaster brakes for me. one day, i'll share my downhill ride at 25mph, when the rear brake locked up, and the heavy bike's tail wanted to meet the front tire!

i'm gonna like it here. i've already read most of the forum's interesting topics, and found you people kind and considerate. :D




Welcome Myron,
Since you've read most topics you already know where to look or ask.

Guess you probably know about gas or electric fold-up bikes that you can put in an office corner or carry up a flight of stairs. Haven't seen any here but you can be the first.


8)Hi and bye, Bama. i worked with "Miss Vivi" here at CHILD WELFARE. she retired and returned to her ALABAMAwhere she is still a social worker.

jerry, thanks for welcome. so sad that this building has several hundred workers, and less than 10 bike to work. 2 years ago, they rousted the bikes from the offices and placed a rack in the adjoining parking garage. they don't let you ride/walk the bike into the garage,either. ya gotta enter the building lobby,ride the elevator to the 4th floor, then walk yer bike down the hall and out into the garage. you would presume that since the state leases the building and onstreet parking is scarce(please arrive an hour and a half before work!), they would bend over backwards for bike riders.


i used to be able to nonchalantly ride my electrified girlie bike on the bikepath and sidewalks. once i overtook and smoked two cyclists with their fancy bikes and their colorful spandex garb. and that was 20 miles after the full charge!

i miss riding that bike. it lays disassembled, patiently awaiting my next impulsive move. :(


aloha and welcome too

hi 5-7heaven,
welcome to MBc a fine community i might add. last time i was in hawaii, actually oahu, i was 13 lol. My bike, a beach cruiser and thatsdax 70cc engine weighs about 35 pounds...i push mine up the steps and park it inside..iget paranoid if i leave it out too long as i read once in a post that a guy had his stolen in 20 minutes! I have about 500.00 into this bike with engine and accessories and the bike was 190.00. any 26" will work.
well good luck to you and your wife and happy motoring. :D