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    Hello, been lurking for a few weeks doing research and finally ordered a kit from Californiamotorbikes. I bought a Wal-Mart bike and $250 later I've fallen in love. My friend has a 26" wheel bike and so I opted for a 29", then bought some taller slicks to further increase top speed. I clocked 34 mph on GPS and my much lighter friend hit 43 mph before it started cutting out.

    We've done some light port work on the exhaust and intake and muffler/manifold.

    On my way to work I broke my clutch shaft somehow. I'll be uploading pictures, is there a site/method you suggest or should I just use imgur?

    Thanks for existing and I hope to add plenty of helpful information as I continue to learn!

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    Welcome to the forum. I upload my pics to Photobucket and then use IMG links to them in my posts. I'm not familiar with imgur but you may be able to do the same thing with it.
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    YDUn9Z6.jpg eOAfAHm.jpg yn0M4BZ.jpg qtMvHpu.jpg

    When i got water/bad oil/something funky in my gas i took it apart and cleaned everything and found i was have piston contact and shaved down more of the head.

    My bike has the white lettering on the tires, my buddy's is the smaller tire one. CIeCLxd.jpg