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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by petesgonefishing, Apr 19, 2010.

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    My plan is to purchase a new beach type cruser with wide tires. I would like to mount a chain driven rack mount 4 cycle motor for power. I am looking for suggestions and if possible reccomendations where to purchase. I live in New Jersey and prefer to do face to face transactions (I just don't trust the internet). Also if anybody knows of any Motoredbike clubs in New Jersey I would greatly appreciate the info. Thanks for your time!

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    Can't help with the engine, but as far as dealing "(I just don't trust the internet)" over the net you need to get over it as it's the way things are done today and more so in the future. Just when dealing, do a little research as to who you are dealing with. I've been dealing over the net for the past 10 years and had only one problem. That was on E-Bay when a guy had a lawn mower muffler for sale..he thought the threads were 3/4" pipe thread, but when arrived it was 1/2". He told me to send it back for a refund, well the cost of shipping wasn't worth the trouble for a couple of bucks in return, so I said the heck with it (someone will need it around here)...oh anyone need a 1/2" thread Brigs muffler? I'd venture to say this very forum wouldn't exist had it not been for the Internet vendors. Not many people live close to a supplier of the many parts and accessories we purchase. I myself is a vendor of sorts, fellow bikers buy from reputation is impeccable. 99% of the engines and related parts I've bought are off of the internet.
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  3. I've bought three bike engine drive kits, all on the internet. 2 from Staton and 1 from Golden Eagle Bike Engines (GEBE), all arrived in perfect condition, as advertised, complete, and were A-1 in every respect. If you deal with well established, respectable companies like the ones I've cited and many others, you will have few, if any, problems.
    My bikes have thousands of miles on them. The only problems are on the bike I sold to an idiot who destroyed it. I've offered to rebuild it at cost, but fools remain fools Trust the good makers.
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    I would advise you to shop with vendors found on this site. I have spent too much money on this hobby but have had great experiences whit the vendors on this site, there is also a section rating the vendors you should check out.
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    Howdy Pete. Know what ya mean. First time I bought some thing on the 'net, I was kicking my self for being so dumb. Now I'd rather shop online, lol. Stitistically, you are safer shopping online. Interesting read,

    But in answer to your question, I don't know of any dealers in NJ. A few of us in New England do informal rides and your more then welcome to join us. Great bunch of folks.