Alternate carbs for 66cc Happytime engine?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by heathyoung, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. heathyoung

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    Hey all - I am getting a 66cc used happytime 2 stroke, but I also have a Walbro WYK 15mm performance carb that used to be fitted to a high powered 50cc engine.

    Would this carb be a performance upgrade? (it has adjustable high and low jets) and a (very) large throat + no float) Or a waste of time and effort?

    What size is the intake port on the head? And the bolt spacing for the mounts?

    Heath Young

  2. rafgram

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    So, did you ever mount your WYk Walbro carb on there?
  3. heathyoung

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    No I didn't, but it would be a great solution for a smaller framed bike I have that the stock carb doesn't fit on... So very tempting. It needs a rebuild (I cannabalised the diaphragm to fix another carb) but the manifold would be simple enough to make.
  4. heathyoung

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    Update. Even more tempting is the fact that if you drill out the holes for the mounting bolts to fit the 6mm studs on a HT engine, it lines up PERFECTLY.

    Its been made for this engine :) All you need is a small intake manifold (made out of aluminium or a phenolic plastic and you are set. You could file off some of the fins and mount it directly to the motor if so desired as well.
  5. rafgram

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    Sometiime, somebody has got to come up with a better high performance carb ot modifed....
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