Alternate Modes of Transportation.... Hypnoskate, Xootr, Swifty One, etc.

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    Skip to the 2min 15sec mark if you wanna see the goods.

    These are shoes with detachable "inline roller skate bottoms". I've been trying to find something that would be allowed as Carry On on an airplane. The Xootr was the closest thing I could find that could potentially work if the stewardess were nice, but these detachable blades are something else.

    The Switfy One Scooter looks pretty good, altho a tad expensive and much too large for carry on luggage. It's excellent inspiration, tho.

    There's also the "king of folding bikes", which collapses down to just one cubic foot. Very impressive.

    The $200 shoes with detachable roller blade bottoms are just amazing, tho. Definitely a game changer for me.

    Now for some Hypnoskates with electric motors?? Just carry your battery in a backpack. Hmm....

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    What I want to see is a marriage of the Swifty One with a Trikke to give a 20 inch front wheel with an RS 35 cc engine powering a friction drive rack mounted.

    Higher speeds, more stable than a two wheel scooter, fully leanable, longer powered range.
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    Here's another for the list...

    Freeline skates -->

    Probly not the most efficient / practical.... but they're certainly compact.
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