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    my story and why I'm a health nut:
    At age 23 my health was so bad I had to quit my job and move back in with my parents. One problem was my joints and my back. They all hurt so much I couldn't walk more than one block. How I came to hate the medical profession: A doctor said there was nothing wrong with me without even performing any true diagnostic tests and then he had the gall to charge me $50 for his "professional" opinion. I also had the viral form of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at a time (around 1980) that the medical "profession" didn't even know what it was and so they just labelled 300 thousand people suffering with it a word I can't even write it is so degrading. I've met many people whose lives were destroyed by this disease and those f-uckers couldn't even admit they were just plain ignorant. So I was forced to figure out and fix my own problems or continue in that morbid state of non-health. I invaded the health food store and started reading all the books and practicing their suggestions such as fasting, finding out my own food allergies/sensitivities, taking products to cleanse the intestinal tract, juicing vegetables, and getting on a more natural diet without processed foods. Slowly I recovered from arthritis, scoliosis, low blood sugar, and intestinal candida infection. But the Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) stayed with me for the next 16 years, leaving me with little to no energy to enjoy life. I almost committed suicide twice because my life was so unbearable. But then I read about how microcurrents applied by electrodes over the arteries on the wrists can stop viral activity in your bloodstream and give your immune system more of a chance to capture and destroy all the little buggers. After 2 months I was free of the virus and started increasing my energy. 7 years later I was racing motocross and beating teenagers. I remember one practice day when I felt like a teenager (at 46 years young) and did about 50 laps on the motocross course like it was nothing. And motocross is extremely physically demanding, almost as much as playing soccer. I became the best in my class and one of my last races had to stop after one lap to see where the rest of the guys were. I waited for them to catch up to give them a chance but then left them all in the dust again.
    I've learned that the medical profession is just a business that will lose customers if they cured people, so they don't. Twice doctors have gone on strike (once in L.A. and once in Jerusalem) and both times the death rate went down. They are killing people with their toxic medicines, especially by chemotherapy. I want everyone to know that alternative medicine is real and real powerful. We are all "natural" and we have to find natural means to get healthy again. No one has to continue sick. It may take years to reverse the disease condition but it beats staying with it as it gets worse.
    I wound up working for 10 years in health food stores counselling people with their health problems. I don't believe anything is incurable. The only limits that exist are in our own minds.

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    I felt like crap all the time when I got back from Saudi Arabia. Doctors couldn't find a thing. Turns out I had sleep apnea. Doctors prescribed stuff that didn't work. I refused surgery. My problem was finally fixed with a simple mouth piece.
    Like Jaguar said, do your own research and share the responsibility for finding a remedy. Most doctors aren't trained in alternative medicine.
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    I don't go to doctors for general crappiness, they don't know what they're doing there and any diagnosis is a stab in the dark. I usually don't even go for broken bones and such. just splint it up and go.
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    curiosly...i mentioned that i only use peroxide and water for brushing my teeth. my dentists comment was..."i cant say anything about that topic or i shall lose my license to practise."

    not a denial. and not an agreement. you figure it out.

    and seriously...water the stuff down. even 0.5% is pretty nasty stuff for the first two days.

    gargle it, kills bad breath. beats using some foreign mouthwash full of strange and eerily named chemicals that leaves this nasty taste in your mouth for days on end.

    also makes me sick, visiting friends with childen that are constantly sick or ailing, and when you walk into the bathroom...youre assaulted with fifty seven varieties of deoderant, cleaner, perfumes, soaps, nice expensive bottles of toxicity... and they just keep buying more.

    to think, i barely knew what soap was as i grew up, lived in a dirt bowl full of goat and chicken manure, drunk unpasteurized milk, and yet... i havent been to a dr exept for a broken leg, to sew up holes and patch leaks, or get the occasional medical cert for when i manage to get some nasty flu. which is usually due to having not eaten very well for a week or two before hand...or simply eating more than two oranges in a day!

    yep, i get the flu or a cold anytime i eat a couple of oranges. not 1. several.
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    I've read that being exposed to many microbes (such as in dirt or manure) when you are young raises the level of defenses in your immune system which has beneficial effects all your life.
    There is a mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide but I think it is too weak.
    sound like you have allergy to oranges (and probably all other citrus).

    yeah, people continually assault their bodies with toxic chemicals and then wonder why god let them get cancer.
    along with survival of the fittest is "survival of the smartest"
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    Tell me more about microcurrents applied by electrodes over the arteries on the wrists?
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    the microcurrent enters into the artery where it kills bacteria and disables viruses, giving your immune system more of a chance to get them while they are free-floating in the serum (not attaching to cells to infect). The beginning of this treatment method started decades ago when researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine found that a small amount of direct current was 96% successful at disabling HIV in test tubes. They then went on to create two medical patents for treatment methods that were never made use of. Bob Beck, a physicist interested in alternative medicine, experimented and made his own non-invasive way for people to do their own treatments with microcurrents at home. He had much success with tests on sick patients which then inspired him to go public with his findings and lecture around the country at alternative health fairs. It was his original information I made use of to make the device and get well.
    In addition to using it to fight infectious disease, it is also useful to bring a person to peak capability since the normal person wastes a lot of energy on fighting microbes (which we breath in, touch, eat in our food, and get from "relationships") and repairing the damage they do.
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    I think there's a fundamental human right of medical self determination. Basically, you're the only one who can best know your needs & be responsible for your health.

    I don't write off all western medicine, but I agree that current practices are totally F'd. You see a lot of BS where doctors mis diagnose, talk down to their patients, etc. b/c they're not comfortable w/ the fact that they often don't understand the condition any better than the patient does, or they're over invested in the wrong treatment paradigms.

    The solution IMO is for the role of doctor to work more like the role of a (good) lawyer: Somebody educated about a technical topic w/ serious real life consequences, who you pay to fill you in & give you guidance, so you're able to be informed & pick the better course of action for yourself.

    If you think the situation's bad w/ respect to general physiological medicine, don't even contemplate the horrifying quackery that pervades psychology & psychiatry today! I was considering that as a career, but I realized it's probably a few centuries from being a discipline I'd want to be part of
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    What I tend to think of as renegade nutrition is so much out of the mainstream of a modern diet it could be in the same ballpark as alternative medicine. Research presented in Netflix documentaries such as Forks over Knives, Plant Pure Nation and Food Matters make the connection between eating animal protein related products and cancer hard to argue with. Add to the list the research of Rob Thompson's book "The New Low-Carb Way of Life" making the case it is a mistake to eat quantities of sugar, potatoes and grain products due to similar cardiovascular problems, and the list of "healthy" food types gets short. Paying attention to these concepts, my weight has gone from 192 to 144 lbs. since spring bring my weight from normal to normal for my height. My Obamacare provider recently sent a email newsletter recommending I limit fish to twice a week and poultry meals to once a week; as being based on the beliefs at Rush Hospital in Chicago. The big news is what was not said. They therefore do not recommend eating beef or pork. So whats for dinner?
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    My family have been farmers and soldiers for much of our 250 known years in this country. We ate bread and meat and vegetables and a lot of salt over those years. Sugar became popular about 1900 with molasses (treacle) on the table as a staple until the 1980s. Very little processed food, except home processed goods. The men tended to die in their 70s of stroke, the women in their 80s and 90s if they didn't die of accident or childbirth. Due to genetics we have been spared cancer and Alzheimers and diabetes. Mainly stroke is our killer. My grandmother just died at 100 with still blond hair and a sharp mind. Now in my mid-50s, I feel like the canary in the coalmine. My health is more sensitive to what I do right and wrong, I get more feedback then when I was younger.

    As a soldier I learned the value of protein to build strength and endurance. These days I can feel the positive effect of green vegetables on my mood and outlook. I can also feel the insulin rollercoaster of simple sugars and starches and quickly feel the increased weight on my waist if I overindulge, as well as the recurrent cravings. I tend to eat 25% animal protein and 75% vegetables for the most part, occasional grains, lots of green leafy, lots of fats, fatty fish a few times a week, fatty beef and pork, a bit of fowl, lots of above ground veg in season, root crops and more meat in winter. Mostly Paleo diet sort of. Rarely eat canned food, don't use salt or sugar, drink cream in my daily coffee, beer or wine often but limited. I consume a pint of olive oil a week.

    The result? I'm a bit heavy at 210 lbs for my 5'11" height, but I have great health and endurance for an old guy. Low cholesterol and I am keeping my genetically high blood pressure under control with exercise (not in a gym, but "doing stuff") and no salt. I did get my weight down 30 lbs at one point but it had no effect on my blood pressure and I was weak and starving all the time.

    My point? Don't be afraid of meat or fish or fat if it is free of toxins. Eat fresh. Green is good for you! Sugar and starch will fatten you up and slow you down, craving for more. Everything in moderation, so you can eat everything, just in moderation. Protein means endurance. Green veg and a drink now and then will keep you smiling.

    Did you ever read about the partizans of Crete who lived on a bottle of olive oil and pocket of cheese and dried meat and local weeds to out endure the Germans during WWII? They used a form of Parkour to out maneuver German patrols on the island's rugged back country. Many of those old guys are still alive today. A lot to be learned from them.

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    People never answer correctly when I ask them what percentage of their body comes from food.
    We depend 100% on our bodies and should all be experts in our own health care but the opposite seems to be true.