Alternative Modes of Transportation.... (part 2)

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    OK... I've started a few off-topic threads before about alternative modes of transportation.

    See here -->

    And here -->

    I ended up buying a Razor A5 Lux for $50 a few weeks ago (similar to the Xootr), and it's awesome. But I know there are still other better [at least different] modes of transportation.

    I've been wanting to buy a Solowheel ever since the first time I saw the videos above, but $1,800 is just a tough pill to swallow. I've actually heard thru the grapevine that someone around me purchased one!! I haven't gotten to see it yet, but it got me researching them again.

    I came across something that is, IMHO, "better" than the Solowheel, and it's by the same creator -- Inventist (check out their website, they are incredible!). It's called a Hovertrax!!! It's essentially a Segway without handles...


    I missed the Kickstarter for the Hovertrax by over a year (means the price will be $1,000 instead of the Kickstarter price of $700), but Inventist missed the ship date by several months, too. This thing only goes 5 mph, but it will have a supposed 8 mile range. Big downside for some is that it has a 200 lbs limit, but surely this design will be improved over time. Even if it has to come from China. These will finally start shipping next month, and it can already be seen in the SkyMall magazine. I'm more likely to pick this up since it's so much easier to ride than the Solowheel, not to mention that it's $800 cheaper.

    But what I did *not* miss is the Kickstarter for "Rocket Skates" by a different inventor -- Acton. They're strap-on skates with 4 brushless hub motors. You can use them with virtually any shoe, run forward just a bit to get the wheels turning, then you can lean forward to go forward and lean backward to slow down / stop. These go 12 mph and have a 6, 8, and 10 mile range. I was lucky enough to get the last R10 model available for $450. Supposedly the R10s will be priced at $700 after production actually begins. Right now, Kickstarter backers also get a "Rocket Skate" backpack for free. Supposedly they'll be shipping in a few months, but I'll be ecstatic if I get them before the end of the year. Here's the linky:


    Exciting times!!! Hopefully funding projects like this will mean that more and more competition will give us even better modes of transportation, but the Hovertrax and Rocket Skates are really blowing my mind!!!

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    I forgot to mention the ZBoard, which I came across last week. Did some more researching on it today and see it's pretty sweet. It had a Kickstarter campaign over 2 years ago and they've already created a revised board with LiPo battery!


    I'm super interested, but a 5+ hour recharge time is a bummer. There's also A LOT of competition in the electric skateboard world.. way more than I ever imagined. There's a skateboard show dedicated to electric skateboards, apparently...


    Fiik makes a lot of different models when it comes to e-skateboards....

    - Pipe Master
    - SHORTii
    - Street Surfer
    - and Big Daddy
    .... are just a few of the ones available. Most of them go faster than the ZBoard, but they don't have the ZBoard's range and "weight-sensing" feature, which means that you'll need to carry a remote around, which can be a pro but mostly adds a bunch of cons.

    My two favorite e-skateboards are...

    (1) The Australian BajaBoard -- whose Kickstarter campaign failed, but I think they are still going ahead with a slower production run thru pre-orders?? Only problem is that it failed for a reason, this complex build is expensive @ ~$4,000, however it is the coolest and definitely the fastest.


    And (2) the Marbel Board, which weighs less than 10 pounds (9.9 pounds to be exact)!! It carries a 2,000 W motor with enough juice to go 10 miles and travel at 25 mph !!! ZOMFG!!!1!!!!1!!!!!! The Kickstarter campaign for this one, luckily, DID succeed!! Kickstarter pre-orders were anywhere from $1,100 to $1,200. And pre-orders can still be made on Marbel's own website for only $1,300 w/ free shipping. That is amazing!! Considering you can go 10 miles in only 1.5 hours of charging, that is better IMO than 18 miles in 5 hours of charging, which the other boards are offering. But the weight savings is really where this board shines. The Hovertrax would have been the "lightest electric vehicle" around, but I've read that the creator actually upped its range to ~8 miles, which also upped its weight to ~11 pounds!! So the Hovertrax would just be the smallest electric vehicle. But anyway, enough talking...


    (Honorable mentions for being the closest to the Marbel, yet offering lesser tradeoffs, IMHO are: E-GO Cruiser and Boosted Boards, with the E-GO Cruiser actually not being that bad of a deal, really, since it's half the price of the Marbel.


    But one thing is the same, and that's how they work --->
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    Large Filipino posted these dog assisted scooters a while back. What if your dog starts off after a cat? You will have to cut him loose or risk burning out your brakes.
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    If there is any doubt that China will become the leader of all people for the next millennium, check out the Impossible Bike by Impossible Technologies...

    Their prototype actually works!!! (Not that it's safe, as they claim you must be under 180 lbs to use it; and even tho I am, I would be extremely afraid of using that seat...)

    It's a folding bike that fits in a backpack!! Turbo mode of 12.4 miles for 45 minutes. Or Extended mode for range of 15.6 miles.

    When folded, it's 17 inches tall, and it only weighs 11 pounds. OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! I want! I want!

    And, in case I haven't mentioned it before.... China has also taken the lead with such innovations as the "Free Ride -- King of Folding Bikes", seen here ---> (takes a minute to load, but worth it).

    You could also convert any bicycle into an e-bike with the 4.4 lbs "Add-E" e-bike kit, which has also been innovated to disengage when you're not pedalling, keeping a truly freewheeling bicycle...

    Good God, I wish I was married to someone who speaks Chinese natively. :(
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