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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by JohnnyLoves, May 20, 2008.

  1. JohnnyLoves

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    Are there any dangers is just letting your engine idle down?

    So far I havent had to kill my engine at all, when I disengage the clutch the engine just idles off since no more gas is being introduced.

  2. Addicted

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    No harm done doing that,Will not hurt a thing.You can however easily make it idle with simple adjusmtents if you wanted.
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  3. eljefino

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    The nice thing about setting the idle really low, to the point it stalls, is you get more compression braking descending hills.
  4. NOOOOO!!!! :grin:

    Pull in your clutch when desending down a hill. Don't EVER use your engine to slow you down! I'm assuming you have the frame mount 2 stroke.
    This is how you damage your con rod bearing!

    I set my idle down low too cause it's cool when you pull up to a crowd and just throttle down and she shuts off.
  5. bluegoatwoods

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    Is it also a bad idea to allow compression to help slow you down even if you are already going slow?

    What I mean is this; on downhills I allow my engine to do some of the braking and I also use the brakes so that my engine is running at a low rpm. bicycle speed is not over 10 mph.
    Is this hurting anything?
  6. Addicted

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    Is this just with a chinese frame mount two stroke?I've been doing that to two strokes for 25 years without a problem.
  7. Yes. When your compression braking how is your con rod bearing getting any lubrication?
    The better quality stuff has like oil injection or something... yea this is pretty common with the Happy Time engines.
    People also blow their bearings when they see how fast they can throttle down a steep hill not thinking that maybe the engine is turning 15,000 rpm or something.
    Run your happy time easy and clutch in when coasting down a hill and it will last.
  8. Addicted

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    Probably just from residual oil left in the crank case from normal operation?Not really positive on that one but it sounds alright to me.I just know that in 25 years of riding dirt bikes VERY hard i have never damaged a motor from this.

    That's not to say that the happy times might not suffer from it,Maybe It's the cheapness of them compared to a very well designed highly tuned two stroke.
  9. eljefino

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    Interesting. With cars you're not supposed to fly down hills in a low gear with the clutch depressed because it's bad for the throwout bearing. Sounds like a freewheel setup might be the way to win.