alternative white wire power system AKA. beating a dead horse

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    Okj, so I've got a minibike, not a motorized bicycle, but I've been reading over and over the ww power threads and have come up with an extremely elegant, cheap and easy solution. first I'll take a SECOND magneto ($10.00) and removed the ignition wire and filled the hole with JB weld. mounted the coil on the other side of the flywheel and ran the white wire (primary winding) to a full wave rectifier from radioshack ($3.00). from the full wave rectifier to an auto buck boost circuit from ebay ($4.00-$10.00) then to one of these solar charge controllers from ebay ( $6.00) and from there to a SLA battery and your light switches. voltage is rectified, regulated and battery charge is controlled. not too much cost wise...