Alternator for 4 stroke?!?

Joao Morais

New Member
May 23, 2017
This maybe an old idea or new but not sure. I was starting to give up trying to search for this, but I have been trying to find a solution to get my phantom bike to give enough juice to charge a battery and was struggling to get an answer. I was wondering if anyone tried making the four stroke transmission to work with an alternator? Like making an a adapter to the flywheel to link up with a small alternator. Please shed some light for me.

Thank you


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Jun 24, 2016
Baja makes a 79cc doodlebug with a stator coil and a flywheel with magnets in it that can charge a 12v battery, is the stator, to get you started, you'll need to source the rest of the equipment but it does exist, and I have no idea if it fits a 49cc. Generally speaking anything using one of these utility motors isn't going to need a powered light system, so the market isn't flooded with them..