Engine Trouble aluminum set of gaskets for the grubee skyhawk?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by jatgm1, May 13, 2016.

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    im having leaking from my engine, not sure exactly where, but i was wondering where i could possibly buy or how i could possibly make aluminum gaskets for my grubee engine. i was hoping to run it on ethanol, so i thought i might as well redo all the gaskets while im at it. how hard can it be?

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  3. Rob H

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    Ethanol sux why would u want to run that 2 strokes wee not designed for flex fuel
  4. jatgm1

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    less environmental impact.
  5. jatgm1

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    and if you use a higher compression it has more power if u use esther based oil
  6. Frankfort MB's

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    They still are a 2 stroke, very very dirty little buggers
    If your worried about the environment buy a 4 stroke kit

    Why do you think it's leaking?
  7. jatgm1

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    either its leaking or clogged with silicone gasket maker somehow. or the cdi is messed up. i ordered a new cdi and coil and a spark plug. and set of normal gaskets. but i would prefer aluminum so it can withstand ethanol longer. and its not that dirty. i actually used the bike in the pouring rain and the magneto case had water in it, and everything was soaked. also i used silicone gasket maker on the fuel line to stop a leak. it actually still works. theres still compression. but i cant get the spark plug to spark by spinning the wheel. also four strokes require oil changes and id rather mix oil, screw that. more power. even with ethanol and a normal head, 66cc 2 stroke vs 48cc 4 stroke. a new one is 50$ so yea, worst case scenario i just swap it, their all the same. golden eagle engines are expensive and slow.
  8. Frankfort MB's

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    It's not getting spark because the mag shorted out, cdi is bad, or plug is bad no reason to replace everything on motor but what's wrong actually wrong with it
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    it leaks from where the magneto is as well, oil/gas , so i assume a gasket is messed up somewhere. it would be easier to replace everything once with aluminum gaskets and not have to do it again.
  10. KCvale

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    Wow are you ever wrong on using Alcohol based fuels in a 2-stroke!
    The engine gets it's lube via a gas/oil mix, and Alcohol breaks the oil down!

    Heck, I buy Premium gas because it has the LEAST amount of ethanol in it!
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    well thats just the crank seal and as the dodgy chinese ones always fail and are absolutely pathetic anyway, find the best alternative.

    twin lip seal, 28x17 i believe, impervious to ethanol (get over the ethanol, just run the stuff and stop being such a nancy over nothing) and cheaper to buy in sets of 5-10 from ebay... or a bearing shop.

    then you can swap both crank seals at the same time and the things will never leak again...as long as theyre installed properly.

    you can get copper/aluminium head gaskets, and spacers for the bottom of the cylinder, but being metal doesnt have any advantages over the standard paper/cardboard. in fact its even more likely to leak.

    just use the side of a cereal box for base/case gaskets, dont use silicone, its unnecessary.

    teflon tape makes the best head gaskets, but you may have to redo it a few times before you figure out how to use the stuff. its the industrial standard for high pressure and high temperature sealing between metals.

    but if you really want aluminium gaskets, go for it. theres no advantage, just disadvantage. some people like creating hurdles... :D
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    all the ethanol fuels we have here have 15% ethanol, max. thats specially labelled as such, most ethanol fuel is 10%, and then, theres one pump of it to three of standard and premium fuel. pretty hard to get by mistake.

    it doesnt break down two stroke oil, just the opposite. two stroke oils DO NOT mix with alcohol alone.

    that is, pure ethanol. pure methanol. except for the special racing oils designed for alcohol, or plain old castor oil. that mixes with virtually anything.

    you do not get oil separation with blended petroleum/alcohol. at least, ive never seen it separate, and i have never had an issue with running the stuff either.

    each to their own.

    it definitely does not damage any parts in these cheap arse engines.
  13. KCvale

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    Well, cool I guess if it works well, I'll just use what I've always used, the cleanest gas I can get.
    Which reminds me, I need to fill my gas cans with fresh gas before the 'summer blends' fill the gas pumps here.

    Maybe it just me but I will never understand how processed gas prices change so dramatically with insignificant oil news, like Canada's fire.

    The US now produces more Oil than we need in the US.

    Has anyone watched the special on refineries and what those oil barrels make from it?
    I'll see if I can find a link as it's staggering how Oil is broken and distilled into different parts, Gas beaning only like a 1/3ed but let me find a reference.

    All I know is I watched it twice and was still amazed.
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  14. butre

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    I have no troubles with e10. I bet even e85 would be fine
  15. HeadSmess

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    less than a 1/3 is for petrol.

    a lot ends up like this...


    some ends up like this... apparently just off the coast of cali.


    if only it didnt float...

    and its gotta get sucked out of the ground somehow. ahh, who cares? its only desert. out of sight, out of mind.

  16. Frankfort MB's

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    You realize that all motors come stock with aluminum head gaskets?
    Why try and sell something we don't need
  17. They asked where they could get them and I answered.
  18. Frankfort MB's

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    Do you have aluminum base gaskets and crank seals?