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    Today ride was something else. We had a tornado watch watch last night. I'm glad to see the bad weather clear out some. It was in the upper 50's when I went for my ride. My little town really seems to be coming to life. The birds are singing, the squirrels running about underneath the hickory tree and the ground hog coming from under the neighbor's house to eat clovers. The air was smelling fresh and the sun was bright. Being in the valley gives you a great view of the mountains. So off I went first to the most visited place on earth. Yes I went to Walmart. I always get asked questions about my bike when I'm locking it up at the bike stand. I don't mind them at all, I enjoy talking with people anyways. Even more so when it comes to my bike. Motored bikes are a product of your creativity and something to be proud of. I bought a few items put them in my side carrying basket and took them home. Then it was off to the independent discount grocery store. I go there often and all the employees know me. Same thing as before answer peoples questions then put my food in the basket and head for home. Always making sure to slow down to the posted 15 mph as I passed by the flashing school zone signs. After reaching home and putting my food away it was time to ride for fun. So off I went giving smiles and waves to people who were starring as I rode by. While checking my mirrors I moved over some to let the police go by. I do need to let my bike slow some on uphills so my auto shift shifts into a lower gear; then I can turn up the gas and power up the hills. Everything was just great as I entered into a long down hill section. Suddenly I heard a loud pop and my 410 chain came lose from the crank drive. I put on brakes and got off the road. The first thing I noticed was the spring to the tension arm had broken. The good news is it broke at the connection point on the tension arm. So I got out some tools from my Bell brand handlebar bag. First I loosened a master link in order to put the 410 chain back on. After that was done then I was ready to fix the spring. While doing this a very pretty woman walked up to me and asked if I was going to be able to fix it. I told her yes then she offered me some hand wipes to clean my hands with when I was done. I accepted and thanked her. I fixed the spring and was on my way again. I went on home in order to give my bike a more through look over. Everything appears to be ok. I feel blessed to live in Oak Ridge that's why I made sure to bring the dirty hand wipes home to throw in the trash. On motorized bikes at some point a breakdown is going to happen; that's why its important to carry tools and repair accessories with you. This way you get back home and you have a ride to remember.
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    More tornado warnings again today.
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    Very true Jerry. Uno, I'm thinking that you should of talked to that pretty girl longer?!! Anyway, you're so right about the tools. Just think if you hadn't had any tools with you?

    .............Enjoy the weather!

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    Maybe if brain surgery goes well in Nashville I will come back and talk some more to her.