am i a "wannabe?"



heck no!!

i've operated almost every kind of motored vehicle there is, from mini-bikes all the way up to a guided missile cruiser. i appreciate every one of them for what they are.

i hear how motoredbikes are "cheater" bicycles & "wannabe" motorcycles...

i ride a "motor assisted bicycle"...a genre that deserves it's own niche, and i intend to help carve out that niche, through goodwill & public demonstration of the practical applications 8)



You sure took the bait.
I've ridden M/Cs much of my life and I know the difference between a poser sitting on his chopper and the thousand mile stare of the serious touring rider. :)

The young need to draw attention to themselves...They have to. I did it riding a Mustang and then a 200cc Triumph Cub back in the day.
Now this old fart wants to slide through quietly, getting near 200mpg.

We need more emotioncons, if that's what they are called.


you knew someone would :p :p

more emoticons will be available when we change software, slated to take place mid july.

i still do feel the "youngster's glee" when i'm riding my bike, but yes i've tempered my outward behaviors, not by conscious choice, but by managing to not kill myself for 50 years :LOL: :LOL:


Do look over that Dan's MC link I put up in that thread with the spark plug pic. Some real good stuff he has put up there.

You had to put up that Schwalbe link the other day and now I want newer tires. Mine are getting slight cracks between the tread blocks.
I can reuse these old Specialized tires on a Worksman if & when I can pick one up. MMmmm.

I carried tire irons, patch kit, new 18" tube and tire pump when I toured on spoke wheeled M/Cs. I was on my Guzzi and stopped to help a Harley rider that had NO TOOLS fix a rear flat. We were able to patch it. He was so afraid to lay the bike over inorder to remove the wheel. He looked around hoping no other "biker" saw him being helped by a guy riding an Eye-Tie bike. Hahahaha! I called him on it. :D We were at the side of a two lane rural road.
When done, he offered me money and I said no thank you. I told him to wave at every motorcycle he sees coming at him for a week...Goldwings included. The look on his face!..You would have thought he got kicked in the gonads. THAT is typical Harley rider, poser yuppie wannabe attitude that I have seen and delt with.
I live < 3 miles from PCH and hear and see those guys all weekend long..Enough! :D Loud pipes save lives...Yeah..Right...Go save lives some where else fool. :eek:

And no, I do not think you are a wannabe. :cool:


wannabe? Not even close.

I ride all forms of two wheeled madness and these are definitely in a class all their own.

wannabe what? Having fun? Yesh! Different from the thousands of cookie cutter "bikers/squids"? Yesh! Riding something nearly everyone stops to ask you about, even people who are affraid to approach you when you are on your other two wheeled contrivences? YESH!

wannabe motorcyclist.....Huh?

BTW Pete- Loud pipes DO save lives....of the little furries at the side of the road that run the other way when those knuckleheads (and sporty riders too) come down the road. :LOL:


Ol' Pete said:
And no, I do not think you are a wannabe.
i knew that, but the bait was too tempting...and you knew that, dintcha? :p :p :LOL:

that M/C site is hugely informative stuff, thanks for the linkup 8)


Apr 24, 2007
i couldn't not take the bait on this one, either. i was a little miffed :censored: before, but i'm over it. mostly :/ . i personally know a few MBc members that could have a new Harley sitting in the garage if they wanted one. But they dont. they have motoredbikes. i'm waiting to get my drivers license back, and when i do, i'll still use "Creep" as my main mode of transportation. I've had rockets, trucks, snowmobiles, etc...but nothing to me is as much pure fun as these bikes.
Joe's right...nobody looks twice at you when you're on your crotch-rocket, and sometimes when you're atop a super expen$ive custom ride does anyone say 'nice bike'. but with these machines, it's a daily reminder that we are different. It brings people to you. even if it's not their thing, it sure does garner curiosity.
wannabe...doin' just what i'm doin' :devilish:


wannabe or jealousy?

spunout, very well put, ya frigin geeser :LOL:
people are gonna say whatever they want, ya just gotta let it go, just drop the mouse and walk away lol.
did they mean - wannabe or jealousy?


oh man!!

dont get me started on that subject! gramps rode a 1908 indian 1 lunger, dad rode a 45 & then a panhead, ive raced & rode anything i could get my hands on all my life,quite a few assorted harleys. but preferd many other machines to harleys as i got tired of workin on the infernal things just to be cool! & i took all kinds of heck from friends & family for doin so! most of the hard core harley riders never knew what it was like to go fast! i mean really fast! i like all machines for what they are. & there are many machines to suit ones style & needs. i say follow your heart! & ride em all !! all others will be the wanna bees! one lives more in 1 hour on a motored bike or motorcycle than most live in a lifetime! remember your never so alive right before ya die! yahoooo!! :D :p