Am I a weirdo? Just wondering....

Has Bike Guy Joe lost his marbles?

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Holy hurricane Batman! :eek:

I don't think I'd want one of those things strapped to my back somehow. For a start I wear my hair in either a very long ponytail or a plait.........



My Dad put a two-stroke lawnmower engine and a 24" wood propeller on the back of my sisters bike back in the mid 60's. it had no guard of any kind!! yikes!! I'm sure Mom put a stop to it. but the thing really went. I think he only tried it once I heard it was hard to control too, maybe too many gyroscopes going at once.



(sorta off topic... apologies)

Weird... not really...

Try and imagine a aircooled V8 version of the volkwagen beetle... and a petrol fired central heating system under the front seats .... (please remember to have the controls in the right position for lighting - 2lbs of superheated metal up the behind can really hurt...)

or maybe a converticar with both wheels and skids with a similar engine feeding a gear reduced pusher propeller - rumoured to have been used by Stalin...

Meet Hans Ledwinka and Tatra :)

His T77 & T77a cars where very popular during the second world war with Nazi officers - being what was known in the US as aerodyne cars they were much faster than the competition - the trouble was on crossply tyres they had the handling on a Porsche 911 on black ice.... it was said at the time that Tatra cars killed more Nazi officers than the entire french army... lol

In point of fact Tatra took volkswagen to court over the design of the beetle arguing successfully that Dr. Ing. Ferdinand Porsche had seen his design for an almost identical vehicle and copied it.... the resulting lawsuit almost put VW out of business...

The last of the Tatra (T700) cars left production in 1997... they still build trucks.

Jemma xx