Am I just being cranky?



Last ditch effort. Won't happen again. I've known Mike Schneider for many moons now, I met him when I wrote the Bike-Bug article for that internet magazine. He's alright, just busy as ****. Granted, he should be better about the shipping of stuff, but still... That was the last time I deal with our little plick dr x...
Thanks Mike, I needed that laugh!!!



That thing that just went on between 5-7 and Haggard was pretty lame. I'm wondering if 5-7 has noticed that he seems to rub people wrong more often than the average? I kind of feel like it shouldn't be about personalities, it's about the bikes and riding them.


that's why we lock things down so tight...without focus this place would be a zoo.


5-7 and the past

Hi I'm not sure any of you would know this, but early in the time of my Model 10 being built and not recieved, (production delayed for every concievable reason), 5-7 got ahold of me, all excited couldn't wait to see what I was doing, had to have one ABSOLUTELY now, wanted pics of the then un-modified 09, supposedly wanted to buy that right out from under my finishing it, Had to have it, be the first guy, the big Kahuna, however nothing more than a BIG flash in the pan!

I photographed it, and showed it for the very first time in the over 6 months that I had owned it. He was still Jazzed.

And then, just as he had become the one man Army of the West, he backed out as quickly as he had arisen, even tho he was aware all along what I was douing and what it meant!

NOW he is the "brilliant" gear-ratio guy, "The twin-engine guy", "the folding Dahon guy", and thousands of other Ideas, suggestions, and a million "what-if's" and NO pics of all the wonderment he is supposedly creating.

I for one am very suspicious, and have nothing to do with him. I do not hate him, but, I can tell you that I stay away from things he says, claims to do, or is pontificating on.

I did break my silence the other day to tell them they had the internal gear ratio wrong, and hope I did it gently enuf to now raise anyones hackles.

A Plick perhaps?

Just my two cents worth,

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