Am I the only Chinese here ?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Jay, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Jay

    Jay New Member

    Hello ,
    I'm Jay from China . I make and sell bicycle engine kits.
    Happy be here .

    This forum is awesome .


    I wonder how to post pictures ? Could somebody teach how ? Thanks .
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  2. PatrickW

    PatrickW Staff Member

    Jay, I can assure you that you are not the only chinese, here...we have over 10,000 members. After you get acquainted, try using our search function and search on the string 'Posting Pictures' or something similar. I know there is an excellent post explaining the whole process in detail, but I can't recall exactly where it is. Good Luck. btw, I put your three posts into one...That is all you needed.
  3. BoltsMissing

    BoltsMissing Active Member

    Welcome Jay,

    Press the Reply button to write message,
    Scroll down a bit further and you will see "Manage Attachments", klik on that, then you will see
    "Upload from your computer",

    Klik on "Browse"
    When you find your picture file on your computer, then klik "Upload",
    Then klik, "Submit Reply"

    All the Best
  4. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Active Member

    Aloha Jay,

    I'm part Chinese(Cantonese) from Hawaii.

    Enjoy the club!

    How about a twin-cylinder Chinese engine?:jester:
  5. Lazieboy

    Lazieboy Member

    Sorry jay im white but i aint hatn. Welcome.
  6. Big Red

    Big Red Active Member


    Hi Jay, Glad to see you here.
    I bet shipping from the factory to you isn't $85.00. :ack2:
    Big Red.
  7. james65

    james65 Member

    What part of China are you from?

  8. Jay

    Jay New Member

    Chongqing city.Are you Chinese too ?
  9. Jay

    Jay New Member

    Bet again .
  10. Jay

    Jay New Member


    Aloha I can speak Cantonese ? :jester:
    Twin -cylinder engine is much more expensive than single-cylinder engine ,also more maintenance and less torque . I don't think it's a good choice for bicycle conversion. Anyway ,you could try it .

  11. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Active Member

    Do you know anyone in China selling twin-cylinder engines?
  12. Jay

    Jay New Member

    Yes. We can talk about it on emails . My email :