Am i the only one with this specific ride ? seeking minor guidance !

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by adam61387, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. adam61387

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    Hi!...... i was actually wondering if i was the first with my kit as some of the small troubles im having pertain to this particular bike alone?
    I have a grubee gt1 cruiser in black with a tanaka pf3300 golden eagle rack mount.
    its got a'lot of nice features and is as far as i know the only production bicycle that was built for motorizing outside some of the morini frames .

    -1.8mm steel frame
    -Triple Tree dual head front fork & dual shocks with
    mounting bracket for disc brakes
    -Rear Axle: GRUBEE single speed HD rear axle with drum brake factory installed
    -Peddle and Chain:
    · RIGHT Rear: 18T freewheel sprocket for chain going to a 44T people
    pedal sprocket
    · 1 piece pedal crank for large bottom hole bracket
    (Wide pedal crank extra cost option)
    · black steel Chain guard
    · Factory installed Caliper Vee Brakes on both front and rear wheels
    · Metal pull lever for HD axle DRUM brake cable
    · Dual brake cable throttle handle - 2 cables to Vee brakes operated
    by 1 lever
    · 36 12 gauge spokes in Double wall heavy duty wheel
    rims front and rear
    · No fenders but designed so if customers want they can attach
    fenders of their own
    · 12 gauge, hd spokes
    · Front wheel has Special HD axel from same supplier as HD rear axle
    · Front and rear wheels with yellow reflectors in spokes(there huge cars see them quite well)
    · Seat with knurled seat post
    · Cruiser Handle bars made of steel
    · All bike components meet or exceed CPSC USA requirements

    there's a ton of bike for the 300 to 350 dollar price tag ... but its hard to find someone to help with the issues i'm having with the band brake as no other bikes have band brakes ..

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    Need pics!
  3. adam61387

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    I will soon .. hopefully she will be up and running by thursday !