Amanda Wienckowski murder cover-up update

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    You may recall Amanda was a friend of mine here in the Buffalo area? I can't believe that this is still going on as Buffalo tries it's hardest to cover-up her murder. Imagine this being your relative?

    There will be a huge development announced in Amanda Wienckowski's case on the Kathy Weppner show Saturday (11th) at noon. You can listen live here:

    Thanks for all of the support!

    Trying to give a working hyper link

    One of those should work, if not enter it into your browser!
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    Just wanted to bump the thread, it's comming on very soon (next couple minutes)
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    You could call in 716-803-0930
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    Mention Motoredbikes .com! :)
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    There's a lesson in this - don't be a heroin addict and prostitute and the chances you get murdered on the street go way down.
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    While I agree w/ your statement, I disagree w/ how it applies to her case.

    She was clean for several weeks prior her death as mandated by a suboxone clinic she was set to attend.

    City of Buffalo has no proof at all that she was a prostitute (she had no record), they merely victimized a victim by refusal to investigate.

    GHB was found in her body. Seems Buffalo let a few rapists and murders walk free. How do you defend that Magnum?
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