amazing discovery on rear wheel hub?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jmsmedia, Sep 26, 2010.

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    Can anyone believe this? I"m dieing to mount a pulley on a 27? inch rear bicycle wheelall week i"m trying different ideas (a pulley has to be mounted on the wheel safely and maintenance free) when a reached up and grabbed a 27 inch? bicycle wheel off unknown expensive bike !!! it is a clamp on wheel with an amazing property-within the spindle circle where the spokes connect there are 8 1/4 inch holes to accept belt pulley-hummmm? lets mount a pulley!! (Jefro!! lets go riding!!(who makes this wheel?---james
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    Ya lost me, James.:ack2:

    Unsure if you found one, or are still looking for one.:confused:
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    i think i fiogured out what he wants to say.
    I think he is wanting to put a pulley on a back rim for a belt drive set up, but putting the pulley on the rim would require drilling holes in the hub to bolt the pulley to.
    it sounds like he found a rim with a hub that already has holes in the hub, and the pully will bolt to he doesn't have to make a hub, or drill holes.
    I THINK this is what he is trying to say, and i think he is wondering if anyone knows who may have made this wheel & hub.
    that's my guess anyway.
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    I think what he may have found is wheel/hub setup for a disc brake mount.

    We may never know.
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    yes!! yes!!! thats it---

    thats it!!! thanks-jmsmedia
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    Do you suffer from " texttitus ?"
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    Inarticulitis digitalis
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    texittitus? I thought all the dinasourases were extinct
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    9hp and a shift kit on most bicycles is a suicide mission!

    To the original poster. Your excitement thrills us, but your bad grammar and lack of cycling terminology perplexes us. If you are an eccentric genius though, you have come to the right place.

    If you just removed a rear wheel from an expensive bicycle, I hope it belongs to you or a shop you are working for.

    There are no 27" english style wheels made with disc brake compatible hubs, that I know of, but there are some cyclocross and hybrid 700c wheels that have a flat mating surface with 6 or 8 holes, drilled for small metric bolts, with which to mount a rotor for disc brake systems.

    What engine are you attempting to use?