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    I'm ready to tackle my starter issues - it often spins and only engages once out of every half dozen times. The electric motor seems fine. Per Quenton's post to my other thread, I should use light grease on the mechanism.

    Trouble is, I have no idea how to get at the 'innards'.

    Does anyone have any advice, or access to a shop manual for this model Whizzer?


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    2008 ambassador

    I also have one of the early ambassador 1's that Quenton mentioned in one of these postings. I had a similar problem the first month or 2 of operation. My starter would not engage every time. Turns out that the springs that were attached to the drive dogs or pawls as i call them were to weak. Can not remember the procedure to replace them but i called whizzer motorbike and they sent me the correct springs. I then took the black starter pulley off and located the springs and that did the job. Again do you have the ambassador 1 with the centrifical auto clutch or the ambassador 2 with the CVT? I think i pointed you in the right direction.
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    Thanks, koolwhizzer.
    I do have the Ambassador II, with CVT. I wonder if your upgrade applies to my particular Whizzer?

    I appreciate the info!
  4. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Al,

    Are you going to Kenny's event in KY? If not see you at Portland.

    I also had Dave at Whizzer replace my starter drive as they had weak springs and slipped.

    The starter drive is very different between the Ambassador and Ambassador II.

    Hi kagol1,

    I have a broken drive from the Ambassador II, and will be able to help with pictures and details to remove & repair your starter drive. I will attempt to take some pictures late tomorrow and post them here.

    Have fun,
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    Lee, that will be great! Thank you!

  6. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Ken,

    I will do my best to detail the starter system used on the Whizzer Ambassador. The Ambassador II, because of the CVT drive will be more difficult to service.

    Both versions use a one way [sprag] device on the secondary starter pulley. The one way sytem allows the pulley to free-wheel once the motor starts.

    The main shaft is threaded and threads into the end of the crankshaft. The shaft is held in place with a serious dose of HD Loctite. Removing this shaft will be the most difficult task of working on the starter drive. The last one I worked on took almost an hour to un-screw the shaft from the crankshaft, so be very patient. Of the few I have serviced, the actual problem was the sprag bearing housing had stripped the teeth where it attaches to the shaft. Look closely at the center section of the bottom picture to see the stripped teeth.

    I will show the various part to better detail the assembly.

    Have fun,

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    Thanks and here are pix of my Whizzers

    Lee, thanks for posting the CVT pix. I'll give it a go when I get back in 2 weeks. I hope these attachments come through!


    You were right. Hard to upload my files to this reply. I'll send them to EZ.