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    My name is Ron and I bought an 2008 Ambassador a year ago. I knew what I was getting into and that's OK, because I like to fool around with old Garden tractors and such. So far I restored 4 tractors plus a Cushman scooter and had fun doing it.

    As far as the Whizzer Ambassador goes, I've done the usual stuff to the engine and now I'm modifing the frame to look like the orignal 1951 model by throwing out all the ugly rear "suspention".

    I would like to know who has a nice selection of 7/8" OD handle bars that will fit the 4 bolt clamp this model has so I can replace the silly Hi-Rise bars that comes from the factory.


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    Hello, Ron, and welcome to MBc. Be sure to read all of the 'Stickies' at the start of each Forum. Also, I think you would benefit from our search function. We do have an entire Forum for Whizzers and Whizzer questions. We are lucky to have a member who is a true Guru in the field of Whizzers...Quenton Gunther. You can most likely catch up with him in the Whizzer Forum.

    BTW, many years ago during what my wife likes to call my 'mis-spent youth', I used to Drag Race on occasion at the strip there in Oswego. At that time, I ran an 'almost' stock 1956, all white, Chrysler 2 Door Hardtop. It was called 'The Great White Shark' long before there was a movie. I understand they are planning the 12th reunion for August...wish i could be there...wish it was somewhere around 1963, too <sigh>. Anyway, Good Luck to you and your Ambassador
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