America in colour 1939 -1943

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    These pitures are really neat Fabian................Thanks for posting.

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    Great pics, thx for posting.

    One thing that leaped out at me, the almost total absence of obese adults and children.

    I was born in 1939 and can relate to the farms of that era, and the hard times in SE Missouri during the 1940s.
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    Those were my thoughts too, and that even through people were dreadfully poor, they dressed better and took more pride in their appearance as well as their children.

    I'm convinced that the Frankenstein food we eat today (filled with GMO's and artificial products, and pumped full of hormones and antibiotics if it moves) is responsible for much of our greatly elevated modern day medical conditions like obesity and cancer, all which were unheard of in the 1940's
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    AMEN Fabian.............Uno, looking at all of those, do tell the true story. I just don't understand why people can't see that?

    NO, No, I do understand $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and convenience is 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HuH :(
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    Wow. Great find. I have an eerie sense of déjà vu as I look at these pictures. Goosebumps.

    I like these people better than the ones today, with exceptions.
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    I blame all the "conveniences" that allow people to not move.Video games instead of outside play, both adults and children.I remember when the only place to play a video game was at the pizza place, and you'd never catch an adult playing one.
    All the hand labor that has been replaced by automation is a culprit.
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    :whistling: and then someone decides to automate the concept of pedaling a bicycle. Shame on them all !!!

    Now where is a "guilty" emoticon when i need it...
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    Smartass! Yeah I should've put that up as well.Much like the carts in wallyhell for the handicapped the fatties use, you have to find balance in life, if you use every convenience you end up a soft slug.There's no way I could do an 80 miler pedal power alone, and I'm 6ft 175, look like I have a skeleton, and move plenty.
    A tongue-in-cheek emoticon would be nice.
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    Guilty! Thanks for the pics
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    I have seen some of these pics before somewhere. That dance one looks horribly uncomfortable for some reason. Its amasing how some of those pics look like they could have been recent ; 22, 28 49 52 , 43 (except for the cars in background and the thermometer by the door it would get robbed these days)

    The ould google machine gave me these: Don't think any of them could pass as being recent really, the Celtic tiger ruined this place :(
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    Fabulous photos of times gone by...
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    Here's an interesting contrast. I looked at the 1913 pictures of Ireland and immediately the classic picture of the Dust Bowl came to mind. It probably was sparked by the colorized pictures of the of 1939 to 1943:


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