American Holocaust

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    eastwood, please write a small synopsis of these video links when you post them. Not targeting you specifically, but so many people just post youtube links with little explanation that I often do not click on them unless I think I would really have an interest in the content.

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    The Dust Bowl, stock market crash and Great Depression resulted in the deaths of an estimated 7.5 million Americans. The natural and unnatural events had one major result, removing millions of Homesteaders, American Indians and freed slaves off the petroleum rich Great Plains during the largest oil boom in US history. The first section describes why and how, the most catastrophic environmental event in human history goes un-narrated and unknown to most Americans and the worlds population, and incorporates the political, social and religious motives. Section two, will cover an investigation of the Dust Bowl, the oil rich lands of the Great Plains, Great Depression, and expose the leaders which forced the incident and pursuing Holocaust. The third section, will describe how the stock market was crashed in 1929 and its similarity to the 2008 stock market crash. The forth section will explore historical events connecting the American Dust Bowl to a global cooling trend, felt around the world. The conclusion will involve an exploration into earths environment, ecosystems and climate to extract the natural causes of the Dust Bowl.
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    obviously a copy and paste job.:) lol
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    Still, it gives the reader a little more to go on than just another youtube link.
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    Interesting link EW.

    I watched all 5 parts, this is 2009 tho... No robber barrons these days! LOL!

    Does anybody know the title of the very last song in part 5? I know I've got it by somebody else... Maybe the Dead? I need to know the name tho. That's a famous blues tune!
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    Describing the Dust Bowl as the worst environmental catastrophe is hyperbole of the first order. Yes, it was a catastrophe, and yes it was orchestrated, but have you ever looked at the destruction of the Aral Sea? Or the desertification of the Amazon Basin? Perhaps you are unaware of the desertification of northern Africa? Historically, North Africa was the bread basket of the Roman Empire - the Sahara was less than 10% of its current extent, and it is growing annually at an ever accelerating pace.

    For that matter, there is good evidence that the activities of the pre-Colonbian native tribes created the desertification of the American Southwest and the Mexican interior, from a prior state of mixed pinon pine forests and semi-arid savannah.

    Fact of the matter is, there are just too many people. Take a look at the environmental drivers of the enormous and catastrophic Mongol flood out of their original homelands sometime, or better documented yet the deforestation and desertification of Lebabon, Syria, Palestine, and the Sinai Penimnsula. Look at the process that turned Anatolia from the bread basket of empires into the eroded wasteland much of it is today.

    The world needs a good pandemic, such as that envisaged by George R. Stewart in Earth Abides . Environmentally speaking, medicine is the worst thing that ever happened. Perhaps Rachel Carson's scenario from Silent Spring would suffice, or Kate Wilhelm's from Where Late the Sweet Bird Sang