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    Just received the first shipment of the American made Whizzer automatic clutch.

    We scheduled a production run of 1000 automatic clutches and the first 100 are currently in the production stage.

    This clutch is by far the best made and best working clutch ever produced.

    We started with an American clutch company, Max Torque, and had them make all the internal parts for this super clutch. After all why not use proven and tested quality parts as the center of the assembly.

    This is a very expensive venture and we only decided to invest the money because the current offering from Taiwan CAN'T be be easily upgraded to work. Sadly we watched many waste their money on a 3rd rate effort. A lot of owners sent us the current Taiwan version, hoping we could make them work correctly, and after discussing the upgrade cost it was determined the total cost would easily outpace the value. It would make the Taiwan version over $340.00 [$190.00 cost, $155.00 upgrade = $345.00], and not even close to a good value. We were able to make an American version for under $230.00, and guarantee it for 6 months.

    Here are the issues with the Taiwan version:

    1. Bearing sleeve isn't hardened to Rockwell 58!
    2. Bearing sleeve has tool marks embedded in sleeve.
    3. Clutch is held together with "C" clip against side of bearing housing.
    4. No seal inside the clutch to stop grease from leaking onto the drum.
    5.The 3 pivoted shoes aren't "arc" cut to fit drum.
    Springs are either too soft or too stiff [depending on which production version]
    6. Shoes "glaze" easily and stop clutch from engaging.
    7. Constant maintenance issue with bearing grease.
    8. Seal must be removed [always damaged in the process]to service clutch.
    9. Clutch only held together by washer "rubbing" against the aluminum pulley, causing excessive wear of the pulley.

    The American version:
    1. Rockwell 60 rated bearing sleeve!
    2. Ground bearing sleeve, not cut with tool bit [no marks]!
    3. Clutch is held together with high speed radial needle bearing and hardened bearing cap. Internal parts held together with 1 7/8" "C" clip!
    4. Six shoes [not on pivot], and instant mating surfaces!
    5. Stainless "garter" spring to maintain correct shoe alignment at all times!
    6. Shoes do not glaze! or slip!
    7. Design controls grease and keeps it within the bearing.
    8. Clutch can easily be taken apart if service is ever needed.
    9. Hardened bearing cap and radial needle bearing to avoid pulley destruction!
    10. Parts are readily available from American companies [Grainger, Napa, Max Torque, etc.]if ever needed!
    11. Six month parts warranty!
    12. Lots of optional parts available, including three output pulley sizes.
    13. Different shoes available to alter the "stall" speed.
    14. Different garter springs available to alter "stall" speed.
    15. Replacement parts are in-expensive if ever needed.
    16. Ratios available....11.7 X 1, 10.1 X 1, and 8.4 X 1, [Stock is 9.1 X 1]

    Have fun,

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