Americans need to start exercising their rights

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    where are these checkpoints?
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    Dont you Aussies have any govt **** to complain about of your own?
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    A handful of years back, but after the 911 attacks, I was walking across a bridge over the Potomac River from Arlington VA to DC. (15th st bridge? I don't remember, but that sounds right)

    There was a sign right in the middle of the sidewalk that said, "Security Checkpoint Ahead". But there was no checkpoint at the end of the bridge.

    Other than permanent entrances to secure areas, I've never seen any kind of checkpoint in the USA.

    (But that doesn't mean that I'm necessarily certain there'll be none in the future.)
  5. darwin

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    US border patrol conducts checks within 50 miles of any border and it's legal, checking for illegals. Also conducted farther away if it's a known smuggling corridor.
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    Most of the security checkpoints are located in the Southwest areas of the U.S., near the Mexican border. I've had to pass through several of them while touring last Spring near Big Bend National Park. Yes, security personnel asked if I was a U.S. citizen. Yes, they asked where I was coming from and where I was going. Simple questions that took a few seconds of my time - no biggie.

    I've also encountered a security checkpoint two years ago on a century ride East of San Diego, CA. They also patrol with helicopters and airplanes. A high speed camera also takes pictures of you, your passengers and your vehicle while driving I-10.

    Security checkpoints are also located in Southern Arizona on routes near the Mexican border. I encountered one several years ago while driving in Arizona.

    What's the point of these Security Checkpoints? To deter people from entering the U.S. illegally and to apprehend persons of government interests - criminals and those that are wanted by law enforcement agencies.

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    dui,seatbelt,DL and insurance checkpoints
    this does not include them pulling you over for no other reason then did not like how you looked then find something to nail you with.

    Can't forget the roadside smog checks in places that make you have you wheels tested.
  8. butterbean

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    I'm a natural born U.S citizen. I understand what these checkpoints are for and I also understand that the questions they ask only take a few minutes of my time. However, while traveling down the road, I do not want to have to stop and be questioned by law enforcement. I am not a criminal, though I do have a charge on my record from 9 years ago. But law enforcement still make me nervous. You don't have to be doing anything wrong for them to harass you and eff up your day. So if it's my right to travel unmolested down any road on U.S soil (secure areas being the obvious exception), then for what reason do I need to stop and be questioned by law enforcement when I've done nothing wrong? To prove I've done nothing wrong to people who should have no suspicion or probable cause to suspect wrongdoing on my part in the first place? It is definitely something to think about. Of course, I do not live or travel near any of these immigration checkpoints and I'm willing to bet that there are ways into each of these states without going through those checkpoints. I'm just playing devil's advocate here.
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    People who want to get in, will get in, no matter how many check points there are, and, people who want to bring things into the country, either contraband or themselves, wont be going through the checkpoint area.

    For the most part, the only people going through checkpoint area are law abiding citizens; meaning that law abiding citizens get needlessly harassed by over zealous authorities who have to justify their jobs.

    Sadly, when people accept encroachment onto their civil liberties, it's the slow march towards the complete nullification of their civil liberties, just like death by a thousand paper cuts; each individual cut is relatively harmless, but allowing it to continue will mean the complete forfeiture of freedoms you used to have.
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    Sure people and contraband will get into any country, including the old police states of USSR, East Germany, China and currently North Korea.

    The main deterrent is at the ports of entry and the more than 700 miles of fencing. Does it stop the flow of people and contraband - No. Its purpose is a deterrent and slow the process. Give law enforcement some time.

    Checkpoints are just one tool in the toolbox, dealing with illegal entry and contraband. It forces those individuals off the main highways and roads. Aircraft and vehicle patrols catch some of these individuals. Illegals have to spend relatively a large amount of cash to traverse the 120 degree weather of the dessert to enter the U.S. Most of the areas are lightly populated and water is not available. Drug cartels have to spend millions on getting contraband through hand dug tunnels at areas near the border and are usually discovered before large amounts of contraband pass through. Most have been discovered before being completed.

    Spending 15 seconds or less to answer simple questions is not a hassle. It's easy to judge another country without experiencing 9/11. I am willing to give up a small percentage of my civil liberties to gain a small amount of security. Furthermore, unless I travel to the areas that have security checkpoints, I don't give up nothing. In addition, in my experience, the number of checkpoints has not increased since my first encounter several years ago. I would be against broadening the security checkpoints into the heart of the U.S. and I am sure most U.S. citizens would also protest.

    It is easy to underestimate U.S. citizens and their civil liberties. Just observe what happens when Washington starts talking about gun control/regulation.

    A historical perspective indicates that we have more civil liberties today than in the past. Civil liberties are fluid and dynamic and change with time and circumstances. There is a fine balance between security and violating civil liberties.

    Our system isn't perfect and won't please everyone. But given the current political climate, it's the best we have. The solution is to re-think our domestic and international policies and how these policies effect our civil liberties.

    AKA: BigBlue
  11. Fabian

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    Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
    Benjamin Franklin

    If American alphabet agencies stopped importing narcotics and other material into America to fuel black projects as well as bringing about a divided society through societal collapse of traditional values, and stopped provoking/waging endless wars on the rest of the world, there would be no propaganda value to sell to Americans to trade their civil liberties for (so called) security, because America would be embraced by the world rather than (in many cases) reviled for it's questionable actions.
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    For the aussies. In the US constitution we have the right to travel written in stone right. Well a driver's license is a privilege that can be taken away. You can't board a plane without valid gov issued ID. You can't drive anything on the roads unless taxes are paid and insured.......I guess my point is you have no right to travel unless you pay and the USC I guess is null and void by some lame ass judge who's never been elected by the people.
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    Unfortunately in Australia, the people have no real effective rights. You can't even pop a balloon without having a permit to do so - ok, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration but it's not far from the truth.

    At least Americans still have some form of 'rights' and many Americans haven't (and won't easily be) rolled over to a regime bent on tyrannical rule. I am sure many American's would rather die before they raise the white flag to an oppressive regime.
    Sadly, and for the most part, Australian's have taken to heart the method used by the French in WW2 when panzer's rolled across their border - - - just wave the white flag and everything will be ok - - - we all know that the outcome wasn't beneficial for the country or the ordinary people; both for the French (back then) and to Australian's now.

    The Australian (fighting) Anzac spirit has been well and truly crushed by successive Australian governments, with the new mantra being that of self centred consumerism and elitism, being wholeheartedly adopted by the general population, much to their own detriment, as they drown in crippling debt, yet proclaim their wealth, whilst waving the white flag as the government taxes them out of existence; making their life a misery as they voluntarily roll over to a governmental system closely following the mechanisms of tyrannical rule, which for the vast majority of scenarios requires a person to purchase a permit to do anything except breathe a lungful of air.

    I have the greatest respect for those American citizens who refuse to roll over to authoritarian bracket creep (and refuse to give up their arms) to a regime inching ever closer to tyrannical rule.
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    There's a whole sect of people in the USA called the "freemen".They don't play the little make believe games of voting and such, as a smart person knows that only makes you complacent/compliant since it gives the sheep the sense that they are "doing something".People such as the "freemen" have prepared for the next revolution, and raise their children accordingly, they may not win, but it will be a huge surprise for those who call themselves "in charge".Think Syria, American style, and you have an idea what's coming, it's just a matter of time.
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    If the ordinary citizen is unarmed and unable to defend themselves and their family, their fate will be a fate worse than death.