ameridollar! everyone ready to have no rights?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beast775, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. beast775

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    i know im gonna catch #$%^ from this but im gonna take a chance,unbeknownst to north americans the powers that be have signed a new legislation canada mexico adopt a new world order!the only way to nullify our constitutional rights is for a new world order.and join north american borders together,it was done without our not brainwashed or jumping on a new thing,im a proud man who has dodged the slave drivers.i take care of business the way my intuition tells bringing this up because i read about legislation in new york on bicycles,and it makes me you know that when you register a vehicle,there laws apply to you,if you dont there is no can go anywhere you like as long as you dont kill or hurt anyone!thats our CONSTITUTION.its on its way out we will no longer have our rights there being pulled out from under us.the only reason i am putting registration and liscense on my bicycle is for insurance,in case someone hits me so i can get whats the money to drive will be minimal.theres other reasons but i wont go into that here.i am a freeman on the land and do what i want,hope everyone else is ok with the abolishment of our constitution,i for one am not.thank you i feel better theres good humans on this site and thought i would share my freedom of speech.
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  2. spunout

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    ok...could you provide some links? this is the type of thing i am interested in, and i'd like to see more of what it is you're referring to.
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    Same old new world order gangs. there just back in office...
    you ever notice that when the Bushes are in office there is a hella cocaine again..
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    Well, it looks like i spent all that time and money on college and law school and 9 years of law practice for no reason. All I really had to do was read the internet. :rolleyes:
  7. connoisseur

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    Knowledge is power. just no your path and understand why your here now is because of that. and help us with these bike laws. i got a 800.00 ticket
    i guess i was kinda in the wrong. but i was on some back streets. oh well i paid it. now i got to figure out registration. cali laws. there is no vin so how do you reg?
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    doggone it, conno', there's an area specifically intended for that topic!
    you're gonna have to PM me before you can make any more posts.

    btw, guys...this will be allowed to stay until it gets heated, a sure eventuallity when it comes to politics.
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    Hey Mark,
    Sounds like we'll have stuff to talk about while we're not riding on the Ocean Park run. Sounds like we are of similar opinions.