Ammo Can Bike Rack

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by floridaboy, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. floridaboy

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    Here is a rack that i built to be able to carry some things and be water prof and could be locked if needed. The frame is built of flat stock 3/4 by 3/16 steel. I used heat to make the bends and welded in cross braces. I used two 30 cal. ammo cans mounted low with 3/4 inch spacers. The alum. cover is to cover the rack and act like a finder. I also built a rack useing a 50 cal. ammo can that i gave to my son to use on his Electra.

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    Nice floridaboy, I like that!
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    That rack of yours would look the bee's knees on the Felt MP.

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  6. floridaboy

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    I finished the rack and put some paint on it. Here is the bike the way it is now.

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    the cans make that electra unique !!!!
    nice job :cool2:

    DJEEPER Member

    is the 2x4 to raise the kickstand up for stability?

    just wondering about the extra weight up there...
  9. floridaboy

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    The 2x4 was to make the bike more upright to take the picture. You can not tell the boxs are on the bike when rideing it.

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    ah, 10-4...

    those boxed empty only weight like 4-5lbs each right?
  11. floridaboy

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    I dont think they weigh that much. They did not seam to change any thing about the way the bike rides. If you pack things in the boxs right there will be no added noise. The cutout in the cover is were i lift the bike when i put it on my bike rack on my truck. I have a rack that i built for my truck that lets my haul two bikes.
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    Not to mention your chain tensioner bracket. Won't have to worry about that on getting into the spokes. Good idea !
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    i seen some really kool ammo cases at northern for 10 bucks and they look just like those.