Amphibious Bus

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Fabian, Feb 9, 2010.

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    A few of these could be put to use saving lives in south Louisiana when we have killer floods. There are still areas where the kids must travel by boat first to get to a school bus. This would simplify things.

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    Yesterday I was shooting the bull with my neighbor, his wife's Tahoe was killing them, $400 a week in gas when it hit the peak in 2007.

    He put $2,000 down and got on a 2 month waiting list for a red Prius....then last Thanksgiving an uninsured guy ran a stop sign and totaled that he got a white 2010 Prius, now being recalled.

    The electric systems in those cars run $13-18,000, I think there are 300 e-functions, (the most irritating to him telling him the red one got better mileage.)

    So we are staring at that car, and I said " ****it, with all that nuclear tecnology, the **** thing should be flying like the Jetson cartoons promised us they would. "

    Zipping along 500 feet above the ground, THAT would simplify things.
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    I'd like to take one of those and build it into a mobile home. Drive to the lake and go cruising!
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    thats was my first thought.

    i just want to see their faces when i drive that bus into the water.i can hear them now,STOP STOP OH NO!