Fuel Mixture amsoil 100: 1 ratio?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by yimmie, Aug 29, 2009.

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    would it be ok to run amsoil 2 stroke oil? it is ratio 100:1 and my buddy who gave me the bottle said i can run that ratio in my bike and it would prob. run awesome. i have 2 stroke chinese kit 66 cc. if not could i just mix the amsoil at 50 :1? any1 who knows ? thanx

  2. arceeguy

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    I know some people are going to disagree, saying that it is the "quality of the oil, not the quantity" - BUT, in a two stroke engine you need enough oil to effectively seal the rings against the cylinder wall. 100:1 is not enough. Heck, some would argue 32:1 isn't enough. Remember, I'm not talking friction, I'm talking sealing in compression. If you run 100:1, you'll get more blow-by, which reduces performance and will leave depostis on ring lands and piston skirts.
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    I run my Amsoil at 40:1, I will probably end up at 50:1. It also depends on which type of Amsoil it is, Saber, Dominator? The Saber I would run at 40 or 50:1 after break in. The Dominator is more for racing and can be run a little more oil rich without increasing carbon build up but I would also probably run that at the same 40 or 50:1. You can probably get away with 100:1 but these engines just aren't very precise and can use a little more oil than a higher end 2 stroke.
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    Indeed, which Amsoil product do you have?

    Saber 50:1 will work fine
    Dominator and Interceptor 32:1

    I still think Amsoil Dominator is the best match for these engines. Not because they are race engines, but because they are so simple.

    My premix can to the line holds 1.25 gallons (160 fluid ounces), so sometimes I estimate 1 gallon, etc. My latest I wanted a tight measurement, so I poured in about 1/2 gallon fuel in, added exactly one fl. oz. of Sig fuel grade castor oil using the Mix Mizer, and mixed well. Then I added some more fuel, added exactly 4 oz of Amsoil Dominator and shook the can like crazy. Then I very carefully filled the premix can to the 1.25 gallon line.

    So that's 5 oz of oil in 160 oz of gas. 32:1. Goes like a monkey flinging poo.

    As for 100:1, well it's doable with Amsoil Saber - folks are running it now. But with these engines, I and Amsoil recommend 50:1-80:1 with the stone age China girlies.