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Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by Marktur, Jun 30, 2008.

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    Hi all,
    As some of you probably know already, I'm a big fan of positive reinforcement. When someone "does me right" I speak right up about it. Today I'd like to mention AMSOil.

    I finally finished up the "old" gallon, and mixed up a fresh gallon of AMSOil. I went 35:1 (3.5 oz./gallon) for starters to see how things work. (Remember - it's synthetic and you don't need as much).

    From a guy who used to think oil was simply "oil" with different labels from different companies, AMSOil changed all of that. After just one 5 mile run on a fresh batch of fuel, I'm a believer! Better sound and smoother running, and I'm protecting my motor with AMSOil. I would not hesitate to recommend this to all of my friends.

    Oh yeah, if you're going to buy it, click on the link to the left...get it from the guy who's here helping us all out. It arrived to me in 2 days.

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    I know of pablo from a motor oil site and saw pictures of his bike and was inspired to build my own. That then inspired me to build another one....

    Various instructions say to run HTs with 16:1 even with synthetic, so I can imagine this hobby is fertile ground... Did his obsession with oil lead for new venues to consume it? LOL.

    2-stroke oil is still the "wild wild west" in a way... My HT instructions said to mix 10w40 car oil. Mmm... no. But I doubt there's anything better than the amsoil.

    And don't forget his super cool jackshaft coming down the pike... he'll be diversifying out of the oil biz.
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    Cool. You guys have given me something to think about. Bike runs noticeably smoother and quieter with Amsoil?

    I'll have to give it a try.
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    I don't use 2 stroke oil (in anything but my lawn equipment), but I am interested in mechanical things of all sorts- I've seen anecdotal reports about numerous types and brands of 2 stroke oil, and, honestly, many conflicting accounts. It would be nice to have some objective tests on the different oils....but unless we can convince Consumer Reports that they should spend their time on this, not much of a chance of that.

    Anyone know of any non-manufacturer sponsored studies on the different oils?
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    i told you he was a cool-cat :cool:
  6. Pablo

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    Wow - Marktur thanks. I just saw this thread when checking new threads. I'm blushing. :cool:

    I've received miles of smiles from my MB - what a great community. Bigger/smaller and better things coming!:grin:
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    I've been happy with the amsoil premix also. Good stuff.

    Note: I cleaned up the off-topic stuff.
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    thank you :)